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Among is a mystery puzzle game, where up to ten players must complete basic ship maintenance in order to win. However, up to three of those ten players will be ‘Impostors’, there to sabotage, delay, and ultimately kill the crew. If you want to know what tasks there are on The Skeld, how to sabotage The Skeld, or just generally what rooms are on The Skeld, this guide will give you the edge.

The Skeld is one of three maps in Among Us, but as the default map is probably the best known. Here, we’ll explore every room on the ship, detailing the tasks in each room, methods of sabotage, and any tips each room can offer. We’ll list them alphabetically here, and for tasks which happen in multiple rooms, they’re listed in the room they start in. Once you do one half of a multi room task, you’ll get a yellow arrow on screen leading you to the other one.

If you're more interested in simply how to play Among Us, which settings to use, or some tips and tricks to lead you to victory, we've got you covered there too.


  • Swipe Card - This occurs on the right hand side of the table in the admin room, and is relatively simple. It won’t count if you go too fast or too slow, but other than that, it’s a straightforward swipe.
  • Fix Wires - There are three different wires tasks which involve matching up colored wires. One of them is in the corridor into the Admin room.
  • Upload Data From - There are several Upload Data tasks, which each start in different rooms. However, they all finish at the WiFi symbol in the corridor of the Admin room, right next to the wire box.

Admin Room Tip: In the admin room you can also keep track of who’s in what room with the device on the left hand side of the table, which is very useful for checking who might be lying during Impostor discussions.

  • Upload Data From The Cafeteria - One of those data tasks that finishes in the Admin room begins in the Cafeteria. Select the WiFi board in the top right corner, click upload, and wait a few seconds for the transfer. Afterwards, head to the Admin room to upload it.
  • Fix Wires - Another wire task is on the left hand wall of the cafeteria.
  • Empty Garbage - This is a two part task, with the first switch right next to the Upload Data task. Click the switch, then hold down the lever to empty the chute. After this, head down to the Storage room to repeat the task.
  • Upload Data From Communications - Just like the Cafeteria one, you have to take it to the Admin room afterwards. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, first you have to grab the data from the left wall as soon as you enter the room.


  • Upload Data From Electrical - Same as the other data tasks, you need to grab data from the WiFi panel then head back to admin
  • Calibrate Distributor - Select the box with the high voltage sign on the right hand side of the room and line up the three rectangles spinning around the circle. They all have to stop on the right, connected to the distributor plugs.
  • Divert Power To - There are several Divert Power To.. tasks, and they all start on the back wall of Electrical. Select the control panel, and then flip the switch to divert power to whichever room you need. From there, you just need to find the panel (the yellow arrow will guide you) and flip the connector in the center.
  1. Upper Engine - In the middle of the back wall
  2. Lower Engine - On the left as soon as you enter
  3. Weapons - At the near side of the right wall
  4. Shields - On the right as soon as you enter
  5. Navigation - In the left corner
  6. Communication - On the right as soon as you enter
  7. O2 - On the left as soon as you enter
  8. Security - On the angled right wall

Electrical Tip: This is a small room with potentially a lotof tasks, which makes it prime Impostor real estate. Get out as fast as you can as a crewmate, or use this as a hunting spot as an Impostor.

  • Align Engine Output - This involves hitting both Upper and Lower Engines and selecting the box on the nearside of the engines, and lining up the computer mouse shaped object so it fits between the parallel lines.
  • Submit Scan - This involves standing on the circular podium and is one of the game’s most straightforward tasks. It also doesn’t block your vision like some others, so means there’s less chance of an Impostor getting the drop on you.
  • Inspect Sample - Select the device on the back wall then follow the button prompts. There is a real-world 60 second wait here while the machine processes the sample, so you can use this time to be on the look out for any suspicious behavior. Just make sure to head back and select the odd sample out.
  • Fix Wires - The third wires box is on the left as soon as you enter.
  • Upload Data From Navigation - The data point is just to the right of the wires box, and again needs to be taken to Admin.
  • Chart Course - There are two control panels at the back of Navigation. The left hand one lets you chart a course, and you need to zig zag the ship along the lines provided.
  • Stabilize Steering - This is the second - and larger - of the two control panels in Navigation, and involves you selecting the crosshair target in the middle of the screen.


  • Empty Chute - Pull the lever on the back wall to empty the chute. The second part of the task takes place in Storage.
  • Clean O2 Filter - This is the vent like object near the back of the room. Click it and drag the leaves out of the grate.
  • Unlock Manifolds - This task is the little bar at the back of the room. Select it and then click the numbers 1-10 in order.
  • Start Reactor - This is the control panel next to the glowing tubes (ie the reactor). There is a sequence, first with one flashing light adding one each time until five flashing lights, that needs to be repeated in order to to complete the task.

No tasks besides the diverting power task which begins in Electrical.

Security Tip: There are cameras in this room; use them to try and spot an Imposter behaving strangely.


  • Prime Shields - This is the little speaker box in the bottom corner of the room. Select it and click each of the red hexagons.
  • Fuel Engines - This is a bit of a long task, but the upside is you get to see a bit more of the ship and might spot the Impostor… or you could be killed. Anyway. Grab the gas can from Storage and use the button in the bottom right to fill it up. Head to either Upper or Lower Engines to fill the engines up with the nozzle on the nearside, then head back to Storage to repeat the process, this time heading to the other engine.
  • Clear Asteroids - Another task which can take a bit longer, this one is at least more fun. Several asteroids will come flying past the screen once you click the seat and joy sticks in the middle; hit 20 of them to complete this task.

Only the impostor has access to the vents, so be careful not to be spotted going into them. They do help you get around quicker though, and escape any areas you might have locked down. The various tunnel links can be found below.

  • Admin-Cafeteria-Corridor (between Weapons and Shields)
  • Weapons-Navigation
  • Shields-Navigation
  • Electrical-Security-MedBay
  • Lower Engine-Reactor
  • Upper Engine-Reactor


The most common way to sabotage is to lockdown a room, but that is an inconvenience more than anything else, and will only delay the crew’s progress. Upper Engine, Lower Engine, Security, MedBay, Electrical, Cafeteria, and Storage can all be locked down.

You can also set off the Reactor, which will kill the crew if not disabled in time, turn off the O2 which will suffocate them if not fixed, turn off the lights to impair vision, or take out the communications to disable the security cameras.

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