Among Us: The Skeld tasks guide (2024)

Among Us: The Skeld tasks guide (1)

In Among Us, cute and squishy astronauts must complete tasks while avoiding a horrible death at the hands of an Imposter, who lurks among them. Getting to know each of the game's maps requires some time, and understanding how to complete each task is sometimes easier said than done. Don't worry, we're here to help. Here are all the tasks you'll encounter on The Skeld in Among Us.

Among Us: The Skeld tasks guide (2)Cute until they kill you

Among Us

Watch your back
Among Us is a fun social deduction party game that is perfect with friends. Work together to find the imposter, or kill them all if you are the imposter.

All of the tasks found in The Skeld

Among Us: The Skeld tasks guide (3)

Tasks are separated into three categories: Common, Short, and Long.

  • Short tasks require a single step or very little effort.
  • Long tasks have multiple steps, usually requiring the player to wait a certain amount of time or move to different parts of the ship.
  • Common tasks are given to every single Crewmate.

There are 14 tasks to be completed in The Skeld. Five of those tasks are visual, which means you can use that task to prove your innocence to other players. Also, if you're killed, you can still complete your tasks to help the remaining Crewmates win.

Swipe to scroll horizontally

Align Engine OutputShortUpper and Lower EngineThe task contains two very short parts that are completed at the Upper Engine and Lower Engine. Simply move the engine up or down to align it with the dotted line to complete the task.
Calibrate DistributorShortElectricalA node rotates around a ring and when it passes the covered section, it fills a bar on the right. Press the button when the bar is full to proceed to the next node. Just be careful: If you miss one, you'll have to start over from the beginning.
Clean O2 FilterShortO2Pull the leaves into the trash to complete the task.
Clear AsteroidsShortWeaponsShoot the asteroids floating across the screen to destroy them. The task is completed once you destroy 20 of them. This is a visual task, so other players can see the turrets operating as you work.
Fix WiringCommonAdmin, Cafeteria, Electrical, Navigation, Security, StorageThe task is completed by connecting each wire to the wire of the same color. Three panels must be completed to finish.
Fuel EnginesLongStorage, Upper Engine, Lower EngineThe task requires the player to fill a gas can in Storage and walk it over to both the Upper and Lower Engine room. When one engine is filled, the player must walk back to Storage to refill the gas canister.
Inspect SampleLongMedBayThe player must press a button to initiate a pouring sequence. Once that is done, the player must wait 60 seconds before they can interact with it again. When the time is up, interact again and select the red sample to complete the task. If you choose the wrong one, you will have to repeat the process.
Prime ShieldsShortShieldsSimply select the red hexagons. This is a visual task, as well. The shields will light up when a player completes this task.
Stabilize SteeringShortNavigationJust tap on the crosshair to complete this task.
Start ReactorLongReactorA screen and a keypad will appear before the player. The left screen will flash blue squares across the screen, and you must enter the same sequence into the keypad, just like Simon Says. Do this five times to complete the task. If you get one wrong, you'll have to restart the process.
Submit ScanLongMedBaythe task is very simple to complete — just stand on the scanner and let it do its work. You'll be unable to move for 10 seconds. Also, this is a visual task. Players will be able to watch as you are scanned.
Swipe CardCommonAdminPull the card out of the wallet and drag it through the card reader. Too slow or too fast will require you to try again.
Unlock ManifoldsShortReactorTo complete this task, press the keys in their numerical order. If you get it wrong, you'll have to restart.
Upload DataLongUpper and Lower EngineThis is a two-step task. The player must first initiate a download at the specified location, and upload it in Admin.

Be prepared

These are all the tasks found on The Skeld. Knowing where all of the tasks are and how to complete them will give you the edge you'll need to win the game, whether you're a Crewmate or an Imposter. There's even more to cover in the game's other maps — MIRA HQ, Polus, and The Airship. Among Us is one of the best party games available right now. Its addictive whodunit multiplayer is a surefire at any party or gathering.

Among Us: The Skeld tasks guide (4)Cute until they kill you

Among Us

Watch your back
Among Us is a fun social deduction party game that is perfect with friends. Work together to find the imposter, or kill them all if you are the imposter.

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Among Us: The Skeld tasks guide (2024)


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