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Among Us - All Tasks: The Skeld - IndieFAQ (1)

Here’s an in-depth guide on completing every task on The Skeld map as a crewmate.

Guide Contents

  • How to Complete Every Task on The Skeld map
    • Swipe Card
    • Chart Course
    • Upload Data
    • Calibrate Distributor
    • Align Engine Output
    • Inspect Sample
    • Fuel Engines
    • Stabilize Steering
    • Empty Garbage
    • Divert Power
    • Clear Asteroids
    • Fix Wiring
    • Submit Scan
    • Clean O2 Filter
    • Start Reactor
    • Unlock Manifolds
    • Prime Shields

How to Complete Every Task on The Skeld map

Swipe Card

Swiping your card is a short task located in the admin room, on the right side of the central panel. You must take your card from your wallet and swipe across the device from left to right. However, you must be careful to swipe the card at the right speed. If you swipe too fast or too slow, you will have to redo the task.

Chart Course

This task can be found in Navigation. To finish the task, you must drag the ship through a series of four points.

Upload Data

This task requires you to download (either in Cafeteria, Communications, Electrical, Navigation, or Weapons) and re-upload (in Admin) data. You will reach the first location and wait for the data download (8.5 seconds) to finish. Then the data must be uploaded in the Admin room, taking another 8.5 seconds.

Calibrate Distributor

To complete this task, located in electrical, you need to press the button to pair the rotating power supply at the right time. Each “level” has its own color and speed. Once you calibrate correctly and 3 lights are lit, you have completed the task. If you fail to match one, you’ll have to start from the first calibration.

Align Engine Output

You must adjust and keep the direction of the engine by dragging and dropping the arrow so that the blue line matches the red horizontal line in the middle. After holding for a few seconds, the motor will align. You align both engines in the engine rooms to complete this task.

Inspect Sample

At Medbay, press a button so that the machine begins to process five different test tubes. This process takes about 1 minute and you can leave the area and do other tasks. When the machine is finished processing the patterns, there will be four blue tubes and one red tube. You need to press the green button below the red test tube to complete the task. If a blue test tube is selected, the task fails and must be redone.

Fuel Engines

For this task, you must take fuel at Storage. Afterwards head to the engines and refuel them. You must do the process twice for both engines.

Stabilize Steering

Head to navigation and drag the circle into the center of the panel so that its lines overlap the center cross.

Empty Garbage

For this task, you must empty trash from two different locations (Cafeteria and Storage). To empty the trash, hold down the lever on the right hand side of the bin from top to bottom. And hold it until the trash has been completely emptied. Once you’ve emptied garbage at both locations, you have completed the mission.

Divert Power

This task consists of 2 phases: divert the power and accept the power. First, you must accept power in electrical. To do this, drag the adjustment knob on the corresponding panel slider upwards. Then, go to the next location (Communications, Lower Engine, Navigation, O2, Shields, Security, Upper Engine, or Weapons) and click on the fuse shape icon to allow the current to flow.

Clear Asteroids

This task, located in Weapons, when opened will display a green screen showing meteors in flight. You must move the cross with the mouse and click to fire and destroy 20 meteors.

Fix Wiring

This task is randomly appears over the map. You must connect each end of the wire of the same color on the two sides together. When all four wires have been connected, that panel is done. To complete this task, you must correctly wire three panels.

Submit Scan

In Medbay, you must step up to stand in the middle of a circular platform. A green scanner will start scanning the player’s body and all information will be displayed on the screen. This takes about 10 seconds and afterwards the task will be complete.

Clean O2 Filter

In O2, drag leaves from the air and push them into a chute on the left to dispose of. Once you’ve “cleaned” the air, the task is complete.

Start Reactor

In reactor, a screen with keyboard will appear. And on the left screen, the blue blocks light up one after another. You have to memorize the exact position and order of the lighted boxes. Then, select the buttons on the right keyboard in turn. If left out, the player must start over. This is similar to a game of simon says, and you must pay 5 different levels.

Unlock Manifolds

In reactor, there is a table of numbers from 1 to 10. To complete the task, the player needs to press the buttons numbered in order from 1 to 10.

Prime Shields

This task, in shields, requires you to find and click the red hexagons. Once you click all of them, the task is complete.

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Among Us - All Tasks: The Skeld - IndieFAQ (2024)


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