11 More Circular Songs to Keep You Goin’ ‘Round in Circles | Playlist 🎧 (2024)

11 More Circular Songs to Keep You Goin’ ‘Round in Circles features Billy Preston, Jon Bellion, Lil Ronny,Maren Morris, and Trey Songz.

Ah, circles – what amazing shapes! Circles have been central to many songs over the years. In 2019, Grammy-nominated rapper/singer Post Malone leaned into the circular action: “Seasons change and our love went cold / Feed the flame ‘cause we can’t let go / Run away, but we’re running in circles.” His popular song, 🎵 “Circles”, was the first song featured in our 2019 musical compendium, 🎧 11 Circular Songs Sure to Keep You Goin‘ ‘Round in Circles. Guess what? We’re back with the sequel, 🎧 11 More Circular Songs to Keep You Goin’ ‘Round in Circles! Of course, we get a little bit of help from the miniature list released prior to this one, 🎧 Circles: 5ive Songs No. 72 (2022).

🎧 11 More Circular Songs to Keep You Goin’ ‘Round in Circles features music courtesy of 🎙 Billy Preston, 🎙 Jon Bellion, 🎙 Lil Ronny, 🎙 Maren Morris, and 🎙 Trey Songz among others. As always, there’s a mix of different musical styles including country, pop, rap, R&B, and soul. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into 11 More Circular Songs to Keep You Goin’ ‘Round in Circles!

11 More Circular Songs to Keep You Goin’ ‘Round in Circles | Playlist 🎧 (2)

1. Billy Preston, “Will It Go Round in Circles”

💿 Music is My Life 🏷 UMG Recordings, Inc. • 🗓 1972

“I’ve got a song / I ain’t got melody,” the late, great 🎙 Billy Preston sings exuberantly in the first verse of 🎵 “Will It Go Round in Circles”. He continues singing, “I’ma gonna sing it to my friends.” Sounds good, Billy! “Will It Go Round in Circles,” which appears on Preston’s 1973 album, 💿 Music is My Life, gave the legendary, 🏆 Grammy-winning musician his first no. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. Interestingly, his second no. 1 hit, 🎵 “Nothing From Nothing”, arrived a year later.

Beyond the intriguing opening verse, Billy Preston serves up two more sweet verses. Lyrically, “Will It Go Round in Circles” is incredibly simple. In the second, he asserts, “I’ve got a story / Ain’t got no moral / Let the bad guy win every once in a while.” In the third, “I’ve got a dance / I ain’t got no steps, no / I’m gonna let the music move me around.” Of course, the centerpiece of “Will It Go Round in Circles” is the chorus, which is incredibly catchy:

“Will it go round in circles

Will it fly high like a bird up in the sky.”

Beyond the fun lyrics, the music is funky as albeit – keys (including organ), horns, a prominent bass line, and a lite groove. Billy Preston was an incredible musician, something that shines from the start of “Will It Go Round in Circles.” What else is there to say? 🎵 “Will It Go Round in Circles” is a surefire vibe – it speaks for itself without extensive analysis. Billy Preston was a fantastic musician, and his legacy is enduring, with “Will It Go Round in Circles” leading the charge.

11 More Circular Songs to Keep You Goin’ ‘Round in Circles | Playlist 🎧 (4)

Appears in 🔻:

  • Billy Preston, “Will It Go Round in Circles”: Throwback Vibez 🕶️🎶 No. 116 (2022)
  • Circles: 5ive Songs No. 72 (2022)

    2. Maren Morris, “Circles Around This Town”

    💿 Humble Quest🏷 Sony Music Entertainment 📅 2022

    🏆 Grammy-winning country singer/songwriter 🎙 Maren Morris shines on 🎵 “Circles Around This Town”, the first single from her 2022 album, 💿 Humble Quest. On “Circles,” she co-writes with a talented crew: 🎼 Jimmy Robbins, Julia Michaels, and her husband, Ryan Hurd. Furthermore, ‘it’ producer 🎛 Greg Kurstin works behind the board.

    Vocally, Morris sounds strong 💪 on “Circles Around This Town.” Besides being assertive and exhibiting a great tone, she also gives ample personality. She plays to her country fan base, but pop fans will enjoy this one too. Among my favorite lyrics occurs during the second verse: “So many times, I thought about lеavin’ / Got my ass kicked tryin’ to compete with / Everybody else’s ones that got away.” Thematically, Maren reminisces on her ‘come up’ – how hard it was to get where she is now moving to Nashville. Even though she’s made it, she acknowledges she’s “Still got the pedal down / Drivin’ circles around this town.” Of course, those awesome lyrics hail from the chorus, which is big and memorable. Ultimately, “Circles Around This Town” is a terrific song.

    11 More Circular Songs to Keep You Goin’ ‘Round in Circles | Playlist 🎧 (6)

    Appears in 🔻:

    • These 15 Songs are About THIS
    • Awesome Songs: January 2022
    • Circles: 5ive Songs No. 72 (2022)

    3. Jon Bellion, “Crop Circles”

    🎵 “Crop Circles” • 🏷 Capitol • 📅 2019

    “When did our apartment turn to ruins on an island? / Where lovers used to live, but they’ve been gone for quite some time and.” That’s a legitimate question, 🎙 Jon Bellion – food for thought. It doesn’t end there for the alt-pop musician on his 2019 single, 🎵 “Crop Circles”: “When did all the passion turn to numbers and statistics? / I’ve been tryna grasp it, but it’s all just hieroglyphics.” One thing is clear – this relationship has gone to a four-letter word that begins with an S and ends with a hit.

    In the chorus, Bellion recollects thoughts of matrimony, and dancing together as a couple. Of course, with the love exiting, he asserts, “Now our footprints in the carpet are just crop circles, crop circles.” One line that recurs throughout “Crop Circles” arrives in the hands of 🎙 Mylon Hayde. It’s not kid friendly either: “In case you f*ckin’ forgot.” Oh, snap, dropping those bombs Jon – well – Mylon Hayde! The sound of “Crop Circles” is true to the Bellion sound, produced by Jon, 🎛 Ojivolta, and 🎛 The Roommates.

    11 More Circular Songs to Keep You Goin’ ‘Round in Circles | Playlist 🎧 (8)

    4. Megan Thee Stallion, “Circles”

    💿 Good News🏷 1501 Certified Ent. LLC / 300 Entertainment📅 2020

    🎙 Megan Thee Stallion enlists 🎛 Rick Star Did It and 🎛 Cool N Dre to work the boards on 🎵 “Circles.” “Circles” is a highlight from her 2020 debut album, 💿 Good News. Sampling fuels the fire, this time, enlisting a 🎙 Jazmine Sullivan gem (🎵 “Holding You Down (Goin’ in Circles)” from 💿 Love Me Back) fueling the fire.

    After totally obliterating 🎙 Tory Lanez, the 🏆 Grammy winner mostly focuses on being a ‘bad bitch.’ Still, she references adversity (“Bullet wounds, backstabs, mama died, still sad”) and throws some shade (“nigg*s love usin’ Instagram like a journal”). Most importantly, Thee Stallion informs us “We ain’t goin’ back and forth with the lil boys.” 🚫🎓! It’s worth noting, Tory Lanez is short and very thin.

    11 More Circular Songs to Keep You Goin’ ‘Round in Circles | Playlist 🎧 (10)

    Appears in 🔻:

    • Circles: 5ive Songs No. 72 (2022)

    5. Lil Ronny, “Circle”

    🎵 “Circle” 🏷 Dirty Water Production, LLC 📅 2016

    “Throw that ass in a circle / Throw that ass in a circle / Throw that ass in a circle…” Yeah, yeah, yeah – you get the point. 🎙 Lil Ronny keeps things unapologetic and sexed the f#¢k up on his 2016 single, 🎵 “Circle”. Depending on which version of this infectious yet utterly naughty rap track you partake, the extended version features 🎙 Mykfresh and 🎙 Yung Nation. Meanwhile, the shorter 🎵 “Throw That Ass in A Circle” is all Lil Ronny. Either way, we’ll focus the majority of attention on the headlining rapper. Backed by one of the nastiest beats and productions you’ll ever hear, “Circle” is readymade for the club – the strip club, that is! Beyond the repeated titular lyric, Lil Ronny expounds, encouraging her to “Toot it up girl, there you go,” continuing, “The way she shaking that ass / Got me hard like a shell on a turtle.” Da-yum Ronny!

    “I like naked women and that’s the naked truth,” he commences his verse, adding, “With all these girls standing ‘round me naked, sh*t, I’m thinking ‘bout getting naked too.” Later, he spits, “Oh, you mad Bro? If this yo girl then why the f*ck she saying hey to me?” Later, he adds some size to the mix: “My dick big and that’s safe to say but girl ion’ know if it’s safe to see / She on the pole doing tricks.” Wow… Ronny’s friends add more explicit sex references in their respective verses. For Mykfresh, “She lick her lips and do ass tricks hit the splits and do ass tricks / She a bad bitch with ass and tit* make the dick disappear like magic.” Whoa! 🎙 B Reed (Yung Nation) drops some clever though filthy rhymes: “Charging hoes with the dick fee / She will feen for the co*ck no crack / You don’t think the 80’s was back / Now it’s time to f*ck up her tracks / Lay that ass flat on the f*ckin’ mat.” As for 🎙 Lil Faime (also, of Yung Nation), “She eat my dick like Campbell Soup, yummy,” and “She rock my dick House of Blues.” 🎵 “Circle” is a piece of work, to say the least. As I listen to it, I take it with a grain of salt. It’s freaky to the nth degree, that’s for sure. Lil Ronny knows what he wants and how he wants it.


    TikTok suggested this sound 😏

    ♬ Throw Dat Ass in a Circle – Lil Ronny MothaF

    Appears in 🔻:

    • Lil Ronny, “Circle”: After Dark 🕛 🌃 No. 86 (2022)
    • Circles: 5ive Songs No. 72 (2022)

    6. LÉON, “Circles”

    💿 Circles 🏷 LL Entertainment AB / BMG Rights Management 📅 2022

    “Running ‘round in endless circles, here comes the shame /That empty feeling, what if, darling, I can’t change?” One thing’s for sure, those circles – man, oh, man – do they cause some arduous situations! 🎵 “Circles,” in the hands of Swedish singer/songwriter 🎙 LÉON is no different. Circles and matters of the heart go together perfectly, though in most instances, it’s a negative connotation.

    The initial accompaniment on this moving ballad is a rhythm guitar, which sets the tone. The main attraction is the rich, robust vocals by LÉON. I adore her tone in both the verses and especially in the chorus. Highlighting more lyrics, in the second verse, LÉON goes on to sing, “What if I could do it different? Be this immature / I’d never blamе you if you walk right out that door.” Oh, the hypothetical questions! Of course, the centerpiece, as hinted at earlier, is the beautiful chorus:

    “And it goes on and on and on and on, I get so high and low

    But you’re the best, I hope you know I’m holding on to you

    On and on and on and on, I leave you in the cold

    But in the end, I always know I’m coming back to you.”

    Circles themselves are something else but in the hands of LÉON, this highlight from her 2022 album, also titled 💿 Circles, is the bomb diggity!

    7. Trey Songz, “Circles”

    💿 Back Home🏷 Atlantic • 🗓 2020

    “Why is it every time that we say we’re done / We always ending up, ending up back at square one?” 🎵 “Circles,” a highlight from the 2020, 🎙 Trey Songz album, 💿 Back Home, finds Trey and his girl in a conundrum. In the context of the song, the relationship has clearly been on the rocks. Even so, neither her nor he can seem to get over the other.

    Songz says it all in the chorus: “If you’re lookin’ for closure, don’t take your clothes off.” Why should she take her clothes off, Trey? Well, apparently, sex is temporary atonement. “f*ck me once, shame on you /f*ck me twice, that won’t do,” Songz sings in the pre-chorus, continuing, “Told me that last time would be our last time / Guess you like breaking rules.” The keyword, of course, is temporary as even the most bomb-@$$ sex doesn’t ultimately solve the problem or keep them from going in circles.

    11 More Circular Songs to Keep You Goin’ ‘Round in Circles | Playlist 🎧 (14)

    8. Lofi Fruits Music & Chill Fruits Music, “Full Circle”

    💿 Safe Space 🏷 Lofi Fruits / Strange Fruits • 📅 2022

    Sometimes, it’s all about the vibe, sigh. 🎙 Lofi Fruits Music & Chill Fruits Music embrace vibe, aesthetic – a chilled-out, relaxing sound. A prime example of the chillness served up exceptionally well is the instrumental, 🎵 “Full Circle.” “Full Circle” appears on the 2022 album, 💿 Safe Space as the 14th and final track. Listening to “Full Circle,” there’s no way – NO WAY – you won’t feel relaxed. The key is a soft palette of sounds – gentle keys and a rhythmic but subtle groove. Honestly, there’s little more that needs to be said about this sub two-minute record (one paragraph suffices). Have I mentioned that “Full Circle” is -wait for it – a VIBE?

    9. Alfie Templeman, “Circles”

    💿 Don’t Go Wasting Time🏷 Licensed to Chess Club • 📅 2019

    “Here I am / Running round in circles / Facing this again.” Dang it, those circles are vicious! 🎙 Alfie Templeman seems to understand firsthand on 🎵 “Circles,” the fourth track on his brief, 2019 album, 💿 Don’t Go Wasting Time. “Saying things,” the teenage English singer/songwriter continues singing, “Like I’m truly sorry / Ain’t no good revenge.”

    As “Circles” progresses, Templeman expresses his regret. “Now I’m lost and I’m searching for you baby,” he sings, adding, “I wish I kept an eye / On you closer.” Ultimately, like so many circle songs, love and heartbreak play a sizable role. Even if Templeman seems to be responsible to some extent, you still feel bad for those vicious circles he’s enduring. Of course, they’re relatable to us all, all told. At least “Circles” features exuberant production including an epic groove.

    11 More Circular Songs to Keep You Goin’ ‘Round in Circles | Playlist 🎧 (17)

    10. Durand Jones & The Indications, “Circles”

    💿 American Love Call 🏷 Dead Oceans 📅 2019

    “Got me goin’ in circles (‘Cause I really love you).” Uh-oh – those pesky matters of the heart have permeated the music of 🎙 Durand Jones & The Indications. Specifically, it’s a classic case of one-sided love – oh, how unrequited it is! Despite the pain experienced by the contemporary soul collective on 💿 American Love Call, the music, the sound – the ambiance – is lit. Notably, 🎵 “Circles” was produced by 🎛 Blake Rhein and 🎛 Aaron Frazer. Frazer also wrote “Circles” alongside 🎼 J.B. Flatt.

    “What am I but just a fly on the wall to you? / Why do I try? I’m just another guy to you.” Oh, snap! Clearly, this woman that 🎙 Durand Jones has on his mind doesn’t give him the time of day. In the second verse, it’s more of the same: “But, baby, don’t you know it drives me crazy that / You treat my love like a game?” Ultimately, “Circles” is a case of a lady toiling with a man’s emotions that she knows she has no plans of committing to. Or, maybe we should blame the victim for being so enamored by someone he’s never going to attain. Either way, it’s the plight of love, exemplified.

    11. The Friends of Distinction, “Going in Circles”

    💿 Grazin’🏷 Sony Music Entertainment🗓 1969

    “I’m an ever-rollin’ wheel, without a destination real / I’m an ever-spinning top, whirling around till I drop.” Soul collective 🎙 The Friends of Distinction (🎙 Floyd Butler, 🎙 Jessica Cleaves, 🎙 Harry Elston, and 🎙 Barbara Love), who were active in the late 1960s and disbanded in the 1970s, scored a hit with 🎵 “Going in Circles”. “Going in Circles” appeared in the collective’s 1969 album, 💿 Grazin’. The single peaked at no. 15 on the pop charts, earning gold certification from the RIAA. Notably, numerous musicians have covered the gem penned by 🎼 Jerry Peters and 🎼 Anita Poree including 🎙 Isaac Hayes (💿 Black Moses, 1971), 🎙 The Gap Band (💿 Gap Band VII, 1985), and 🎙 Luther Vandross (💿 Songs, 1994).

    As the excerpted lyrics suggest, The Friends are in a vicious circle. In the second verse, the collective asserts, “I’m a faceless clock, with timeless hopes that never stop.” The effect of love is written all over this one, best summarized by the chorus: “You got me going in circles (oh round and round I go).” The poetic lyrics are high-flying vocals are utterly sublime. Adding to the sheer excellence of “Going in Circles” is the lush production work (🎛 John Florez), which was idiomatic of late 1960s-70s soul sound. The orchestration is absolutely incredible. The Friends of Distinction may have been a short-lived soul collective, but the Los Angeles quartet ‘got it done’ releasing a couple of hits including 🎵 “Going in Circles”. Sure, it’s a fifty-plus year-old song that sounds nothing like the music of the 2020s. Honestly, that’s a beautiful, truly refreshing thing.

    Appears in 🔻:

    • The Friends of Distinction, “Going in Circles”: Throwback Vibez 🕶️🎶 No. 113 (2022)
    • Circles: 5ive Songs No. 72 (2022)
    • The Friends of Distinction vs. Isaac Hayes: Head 2 Head 🗣️ No. 46 (2022)
    11 More Circular Songs to Keep You Goin’ ‘Round in Circles [📷: 300 Entertainment, 1501 Certified Ent. LLC, Ambreen Hasan on Unsplash, Atlantic, Ben Sweet on Unsplash, BMG Rights Management, Brent Faulkner, Capitol, Chaitanya Tvs on Unsplash, cottonbro studio via Pexels, Dead Oceans, Dirty Water Production, LLC, Fábio Lucas on Unsplash, Jorge Bermudez on Unsplash, Licensed to Chess Club, LL Entertainment AB, Lofi Fruits / Strange Fruits, Louis Maniquet on Unsplash, Louis Reed on Unsplash, The Musical Hype, Robert Bye on Unsplash, Sony Music Entertainment, UMG Recordings, Inc.]

    11 More Circular Songs to Keep You Goin’ ‘Round in Circles | Playlist 🎧 (2024)


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