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Cellular phones and wireless services.  Often, the employee buys the phone & submits it as an expense item which may not even pass through the Telecommunicationís department

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Telecommunications Services for Government and Educational Organizations

We are an independent telecommunications consulting firm specializing in telecommunications management, IT and Telecommunications Infrastructure Design, Vendor and Project Management, Office and technology relocations, problem resolution, network analysis and system design and acquisition. We offer consulting services that help organizations make the best use of the telecommunications technology available today!

Our Founder worked for NORTEL Networks for a dozens years, working with Commercial and Government Accounts, providing Telecommunications solutions to meet client needs, focusing on long term needs and well engineered solutions.   Today we look forward to the opportunity to assist our Government Organizations with design and project managements services for Cabling, IT and Telecommunications Infrastructure, Voice and Data networks across the county.  Give us a call and to discuss what we can do to help you with your next project.  We are most interested in working with Towns, cities, school systems and state agencies to provide solutions for the staff and local community.  We are unaffiliated with any manufacturer or service provider, ensuring client needs are met objectively, consistent with the clientís best interests.

We welcome the opportunity to work with government clients at both the local and state and Federal level, we are especially interested in working with Homeland Security Department or other agencies on developing plans and procedures for identifying, tagging, inventory and documenting our nations critical Communications Infrastructure.  If you have any projects which require the identification, and documentation of your Telecommunications Infrastructure Cabling and Telecommunications and Network Systems, please give us a call, we would appreciate being able to assist you in developing solutions which we may be able to apply across the country. 

If you are searching for a new telephone system, trying to reduce long distance expenses, outgrowing your present telecommunications systems, looking to design a cabling plan for your telephone and computer needs, looking to upgrade your computer systems or local area network, planning a company move or are just plain frustrated with the way your telecommunications infrastructure is functioning, we can help.

For end-users wishing the most effective telecommunications systems, Paradise Communications consultants provide needs analysis, planning, budgeting, design, equipment evaluation, and project implementation management services. Our technology specialties include IT and Telecommunications Infrastructure, Fiber Optic and CAT5/CAT6 Cabling, Voice and Data Network Design and Implementation Management, Voice over IP (VOIP), CTI, videoconferencing, multimedia, audio and video conferencing, distance learning networks and terrestrial and satellite microwave transmission systems.




Needs Assessment

With the tremendous change in available technology today coupled with the various "solutions" offered by a myriad of telecommunications companies, many government organizations feel overwhelmed with the choices for their telecommunications needs. Paradise Communications understands this frustration. Paradise Communications works with client organizations to determine the best manner in which to proceed with technology choices, network arrangements and simple communications options. Paradise Communications understands that the best manner in which to determine a client's telecommunications direction is to conduct a full needs assessment. The results of such will fully answer such questions as:

  • Do we need to replace our current systems?

  • What do I do now that our current contract for services is expiring?

  • Should I renew my Centrex Contract?

  • What new technology is available to meet our needs?

  • What is the cost of the new technology we may need?

  • How can I ensure that we are using our systems to the best advantage?

  • How to I communicate with my branch offices more effectively?

  • Is there a better way to use our current systems?

  • How do I proceed to take advantage of what is on the market today?

  • How to I use new technology to compete in my industry?


Paradise Communications can answer those questions by providing a complete assessment of your telecommunications needs. Starting with end user interviews, Paradise Communications will ensure that all recommendations are compliant with your unique operation and future plans. The result of this assessment will clearly determine your technology direction whether it be to optimize existing systems, add peripheral systems or conduct a complete replacement of current systems with more productive technology.


The results of a complete needs analysis will allow your organization to make sound decisions on the future of your present telecommunications systems as well as allow for full strategic planning into the future.


Telephone System Design and Acquisition
Paradise Communications has the experience your organization requires to design, select and properly implement a new telecommunications system. Whether your require a small telephone system, a large PBX, a Centrex based system or multiple systems, Paradise Communications has the experience to design, solicit and implement a system that can meet your unique situation while allowing for future growth and reconfiguration.


Our expertise also allows us to assist in the acquisition of peripheral systems such as Voice Messaging, Unified Messaging, Call Accounting, Paging, Wireless Telephones, etc. in conjunction with a new telephone system or as an addition to an existing system.


Basic Telecom System Design, Selection, Recommendation and Implementation includes conducting a full assessment of the needs of your organization, creation of a Request for Proposal (RFP) document, evaluation of vendor proposals, a recommendation for the best solution to your unique needs and implementation of the selected system and its peripheral equipment. Such systems include:

  • Voice over IP (VOIP)

  • IP Phones

  • ISDN Based Telephone Systems

  • Digital Key Telephone Systems

  • Digital PBX Systems

  • Digital PBX Systems (Multiple in a Networked Environment)

  • Call Accounting Systems

  • Facility Management Systems

  • Voice Processing Systems

  • Wireless Applications

  • Centrex Systems


Paradise Communications can work with your organization by conducting a complete system selection project (as described above), serve in a consultative role to review work that may have been performed by your own staff or evaluate proposals submitted by various telecommunications system providers.


Telecommunications Relocation and Vendor Management

The relocation of your organization is a major undertaking. There are hundreds of little details that must be considered and deadlines that have to be met on time to make sure that disruption to your day-to-day business is minimal. Part of this process includes ensuring that your telephone and computer systems are installed correctly and on time. Paradise Communications can help reduce the headaches and anxiety involved with relocating your telecommunications systems whether it be within your building, across town or across your state. To accomplish this, Paradise Communications offers the following relocation services:

  • Needs Assessment to Ensure the Viability of Your Present System in the New Location.

  • System Replacement Services Should Present System be Inadequate for Your Needs.

  • Complete Cost Analysis Including Move Costs, Cabling Costs, Installation Costs, Etc.

  • Project Management with Existing Staff and Telecommunications Vendors.

  • Network Analysis to Ensure the Most Cost Effective Network of Services for Voice and Data Use.

  • Implementation Services to Ensure Complete System and Network Installation and Testing.


These relocation services can be used separately or in combination depending on your specific and unique needs. Paradise Communications will work with you to determine the best course of action and help to make your telecommunications system move a less hectic experience.


Call Center Design & Acquisition

The proper function of the professional Call Center in today's government environment can mean the difference between effectively serving the public or dealing with caller complaints, unflattering articles in the press, and attending special hearings. Incoming call centers are being used for taxpayer assistance, licensing and certification information and payment, unemployment assistance, public welfare information, etc. The correct equipment, proper software, most efficient network of services and effectively trained staff will ensure that your organization will be successful in providing your service to the public well into the future.


The experience and expertise of Paradise Communications will provide you with that services you need. These services include Inbound and Outbound Call Center Design, Selection, Recommendation and Implementation including:

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Systems

  • PBX Based ACD Systems

  • Computer Integrated ACD Systems

  • Outbound Predictive Dialing Systems

  • Outbound Power Dialing Systems

  • Integrated ACD/Outbound Solutions

  • ACD Management Information Systems (ACD MIS)

  • Web Enabled Call Center Applications

  • Integrated Voice and Data Applications

  • Call Center Design (Acoustics, Environment, Peripheral Equipment, etc.)

  • Agent/Collector/Telemarketer Training

  • Customer Service Representative/Sales Agent Telephone Training

  • Network Analysis and Design for Inbound/Outbound Applications

  • Specialized Software Applications (Forecasting, Staffing, etc.)

  • Analysis of Call Center Statistics for Staffing, Network Configuration, etc.


Paradise Communications works with other consulting firms nationwide to ensure that the expertise and experience needed for your organization's call center is readily available.


Voice and Data Network Analysis

The correct design and installation of your network of services, whether for voice or data communications use, can ensure that your users are capable of performing their day-to-day functions over the telephone or computer network. More importantly, it ensures that outside callers can reach you when they need more information, obtain a license or permit, submit a proposal, register for a course, etc. Paradise Communications provides for Full Voice and Data Networking Design and Optimization including:

  • Local Exchange Services (Local Outgoing and Direct-Inward-Dialing (DID))

  • Low Volume InterLATA/IntraLATA Toll and Toll Free Service Design

  • High Volume InterLATA/IntraLATA Toll and Toll Free Service Design

  • Calling Card and Debit Card Evaluation and Application

  • Toll Free Number Portability Issues and Implementation

  • International Toll, Calling Card and Toll Free Service Evaluation and Application

  • Network analysis for videoconferencing and imaging demands

  • Private Digital/Analog Point-to-Point Networks (Voice and Data)

  • Private Digital/Analog Virtual Networks (Voice and Data)

  • Frame Relay Applications

  • Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Applications

  • Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Applications.

  • Telecommuting or "Work-at-Home" Network Design and Implementation

  • VSAT Equipment and Network Design and Implementation

  • Disaster Back-up and Recovery Networks (Voice and Data)

  • Network Management System Design, Recommendation and Implementation

  • Internet Access (Dial-up and Dedicated) Design and Implementation


Paradise Communications maintains active participation in the consultant liaison programs of all of the major Inter-Exchange Carriers (IXCs), Regional Bell Operating Companies, Competitive Local Exchange Carriers, and Cellular/Wireless Carriers to ensure up-to-the-minute pricing, tariff offerings and special promotions.


Paradise Communications is also a member of electronic information services provided by the major carriers as well as to multiple sources available on the Internet.


Cabling System Design and Vendor Management

The cabling system (premises and campus) of your organization has become the most important part of any telecommunications system design. The cabling system is the backbone of any technology selected to meet your needs. The cabling system installed today must support the needs of both your voice (telephone) and data end users well into the future. To ensure that our clients are equipped for their present technology as well as ready for the future, Paradise Communications provides the following services:


Premises Cabling Distribution System Design (RFP Development)

  • Conform to industry standards for copper, coaxial and fiber optic cabling

  • Main Telephone/Computer Room Design Specifications

  • Equipment Room and Telephone Closet Design Specifications

  • Backbone and Horizontal Cabling Design Specifications

  • Passive Termination Equipment Design Specifications (Connection hardware, station outlets, etc.)

  • Testing Procedures Review and Enforcement

  • Fire-stopping and Other Code Enforcement Issues

  • Installation Procedure Review and Enforcement


Campus Cabling Distribution System Design (RFP Development)

  • Building Entrance Specifications (Grounding, etc.)

  • Conform to industry standards for copper, coaxial and fiber optic cabling

  • Main Telephone/Computer Room Design Specifications

  • Conduit (and utility pole) Specifications

  • Termination Equipment Design Specifications

  • Testing Procedures Review and Enforcement

  • Fire-stopping and Other Code Enforcement Issues

  • Installation Procedure Review and Enforcement

  • Cable Management Systems (Software/Hardware) Specification


The cabling infrastructure that you install today should be capable of meeting your needs well into the future. The establishment of true standards for copper, coaxial and fiber optic cabling will allow your organization to reuse the same cable infrastructure through several changes of technology (telephone or computer systems).


Paradise Communications will design your cabling system to published standards and ensure that all installation work is performed in conformance to these standards. Paradise Communications will provide planning, design, RFP generation, proposal evaluation and implementation (and testing) services to provide you with a level of comfort that you cannot find elsewhere in the industry.


We are a strong supporter of the policies, procedures and training provided by the Building Industry Consulting Services International (BICSI) which educates, trains and certifies individuals in the cabling industry.  We always look at BICSI certified installers when working on cabling and Infrastructure projects.


Audio and Video Conference System Design and Vendor Management

Perhaps the fastest growing field in telecommunications today, audio/videoconferencing has taken advantage of the higher bandwidths available from the network, faster processors in our PCs, the Internet and combined that with business' need for efficient communications. In this field, Paradise Communications offers expertise for such services as:

  • Audio Conferencing Equipment Evaluation and Recommendation

  • Evaluation of Multi-Faceted Teleconferencing Options via LAN and Internet connections.

  • Videoconferencing Codec Evaluation and Recommendation

  • Full system design and specification through a detailed Request for Proposal (RFP)

  • Desktop Conferencing

  • Mid-Size and Mobile Systems

  • Conference Room Systems

  • Specification of all network requirements for audio/video conferencing.

  • Videoconferencing Room design (acoustic, video, graphics, etc.)

  • Design and Specification of Network Requirements for Video Conferencing from site to site.

  • Evaluation of ISDN Applications for Desktop Video Conferencing and WAN applications.

  • Design/Specification and Evaluation of Internet Based Videoconferencing options.


The video/audio conference market has exploded with newer, better technology as well as lower prices during the past few years. The use of low speed video conferencing via the Internet has allowed users to make use of technology never before available at affordable pricing. In the not to distant future, video conferencing may be the ideal way for your employees who work at home attend weekly staff meetings or the way for citizens to attend town meetings, conferences or hearings. In every case, the proper equipment, network and training will ensure that your conferences whether high quality audio alone or a video/audio conference will be of the utmost quality so that you can concentrate on the business at hand.


Paradise Communications can provide you with the level of comfort you need when designing your video/audio conferencing systems.


Telecommunications Billing and Audit Services

In order to ensure that the invoices and bills received from your various telecommunications providers are accurate, Paradise Communications offers Billing Audit Services to our client organizations. Audits of your telecommunications services and equipment should be conducted on a regular basis to ensure proper billing. Over-billing for services and/or equipment not presently in use, services removed some time ago, services moved from one location to another and now doubled billed, is the most common telecommunications mistake made my organizations today.


Paradise Communications will perform complete equipment and service inventories for billing confirmation or inventory control. The results of a telecommunications audit allows you to plan your telecom budget appropriately, make cases for newer technology based on savings projections and ensure that your are receiving the best value for your dollar.


Paradise Communications Audit Services include reconciliation of inventory with billing records as well as negotiation with vendors for the refund of over-billed fees.


Voice Communications System Design and Acquisition

Although maligned consistently in the press, the automation of call processing and message taking functions is a necessary and productive alternative for government organizations today. The improper design, implementation and use of these systems, however, leads to such problems as caller complaints, lost callers, caller frustration and eventually calls for system removal as unproductive.


It is through a complete evaluation of your everyday business atmosphere, an in-depth analysis of your calling patterns and careful attention paid to the general public's needs that allows Paradise Communications to correctly design a voice/call processing system around the needs of your organization and your callers and not to the specifications of a certain product offering.


Call Processing System Design, Selection, Recommendation and Implementation services include:

  • Automated Attendant Systems

  • Voice Messaging Systems

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems

  • Voice Recognition/Response Systems

  • Information Retrieval Systems (Audio-Text)

  • Text-to-Speech Applications

  • Unified Messaging Applications

  • Electronic Mail Integration Applications

  • Facsimile Store-and-Forward Applications

  • Multiple Voice Processing System Networks

  • Multiple Voice Processing Platform Networks

  • PBX/Centrex Integration Applications

  • Service Bureau vs. C.O. Based vs. Premise Based Comparisons

  • Internet Driven Solutions for Unified Messaging


It is though careful implementation that your callers will begin to appreciate the investment you've made to process their calls more efficiently.


Centrex System Design and Acquisition

Centrex is the product of choice among many telephone companies nationwide and is sold in various "packages" based on customer size, feature demand, service availability and system cost. Centrex, because of its ability to service multiple locations and low monthly costs (associated with long contracts), has been utilized by many government organizations. Paradise Communications has the experience necessary to determine if Centrex is the right choice for your organization's telecommunications needs into the future.   Paradise Communications will design, recommend and implement the correct Centrex system for your telecommunication needs. Our experience and expertise covers:

  • Analog Centrex Offerings (Analog & Digital Central Offices)

  • Digital Centrex Offerings ( Digital Central Offices)

  • Fixed Tariff Offerings

  • Customized Tariff Offerings

  • Centrex Compatible Telephone Equipment (Key, Hybrid & PBX)

  • ISDN Basic Rate Offerings

  • ISDN Telephone Equipment

  • ISDN Attendant Consoles

  • Centrex Internet Access Applications

  • Caller ID and E911 Applications

  • Centrex Compatible Call Accounting Systems

  • Centrex Compatible Voice Messaging Systems

  • C.O. Based Voice Messaging Offerings

  • Centrex Management Systems

  • Centrex Compatible Attendant Consoles

  • C.O. Based Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Offerings

  • Digital T1 based WATS/800 Integration with Centrex Offerings

Paradise Communications has worked with numerous local operating companies in regards to their Centrex offerings. Although provided under a variety of names (Intellipath, ESSX, Centron, etc.), Centrex service is based on the Central Office (C.O.) manufactured by such companies as AT&T, Northern Telecom, Siemens, Ericsson, NEC, Fujitsu and others. The features available will depend on the C.O.'s software level and the tariffs filed by the local operating company. Paradise Communications maintains contact with many local operating companies to keep in touch with new offerings and antiquated tariffs.  We can work with your staff on identifying when and where Centrex solutions may work for your locations.


For more information about our services, please browse our site using the menu to the left.

Government classification codes supported by Paradise Communications


For additional information regarding a specific service or to arrange for a no cost consultation to discuss how we may be able to help your organization, please contact us (925) 683-7916 or by e-mail at .


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