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Cellular phones and wireless services.  Often, the employee buys the phone & submits it as an expense item which may not even pass through the Telecommunicationís department

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Independent Telecommunications Consulting Services

Independent Telecommunications Consulting Services support clientele with research, analysis, specification development, contract negotiations, procurement and implementation management for any type telecommunications service or equipment. This may be to support voice, voice over IP (VOIP), video or data applications. Our objective is to provide sufficient information to allow our clientele the opportunity to make educated decisions. We utilize our expertise to insure that any application is explored thoroughly and any recommendation takes into consideration all opportunities that may provide benefit's for our client. We will manage any implementation to completion with our client's complete satisfaction our only benchmark.

Our Independent Telecommunications Consulting Services that their is a place for technology, but they do not commit to technology for technology's sake, but will embrace an emerging technology if we can develop assurances that any benefit is tangible and will position our clients for new horizons as part of either a natural or planned migration strategy.

Paradise Communications primary goal is to provide quality service by maintaining honesty, integrity, objectivity, creativity and total respect for our client's best interest. We serve many clients who require analysis and design recommendations to develop and employ strategies for selecting, financing and implementing leading edge information technology. Paradise Communications experience allows you to utilize experts to optimize your service and receive more value for your communications dollar.

In the scope of telecommunications consulting firms, Paradise Communications is neither too large nor too small. We are large enough to provide ample resources to commit to any project undertaken; yet we are small enough that we provide our clients the attention, service and response not found with some of the largest firms. Our expertise and credibility have brought us in line with many of the brightest in the telecommunications consulting industry. Also, our experience is not limited to one niche, which might preclude our exposure to alternate methods, technologies and applications. We have experience from across the business spectrum that we continually find useful and adaptable to many industries.

Our Independent Telecommunications Consulting staff have both formal training and hands-on technical experience and capabilities span the full range of information technologies. We offer a broad range of design, selection, implementation and other services to assist our clientele. We guarantee that your service will never be degraded!

We continuously look for a better way!

Following are several areas of Paradise Telecommunications consulting support:

Request for Proposal/Quote/Information (RFP/RFQ/RFI) Development

  • Paradise Communications develops Request For Proposals (RFP), Request for Quotes (RFQ) or Request for Information (RFI) so that our clients may compare leasing or purchasing telephone equipment, maintenance or other telecommunications services at the most service conscious, cost effective rates the industry will provide. Because we work in the telecommunications industry every day, we know and understand price points and issues of the marketplace that may prove to be critical to our clientele, after the sale.
  • We use our experience to ensure that any purchase you and your company consider will be driven with cash flow information that fully substantiates your decision. In many cases, equipment is purchased without assessing the on-going cost of operational services necessary for its' support. This can lead to hidden expense that may prove to be economically detrimental when considered over a 3 to 5 year life span. Paradise Communications support provides you with clear, concise information necessary for you to make sound business decisions.
  • After any sale is complete, Paradise Communications can assist with as much or as little implementation support as you require. We will coordinate will all vendors, carriers, LEC's, subcontractors, etc., to ensure that all implementation activities are established and met. Our support includes conducting weekly project meetings, delivering timely status reports, identifying milestones and identifying any client requirement necessary for smooth implementation. We pride ourselves on managing any project to completion with our clients "Complete Satisfaction" our only measuring stick.

Present Situation Analysis

  • Paradise Telecommunications Consulting team will perform a present situation analysis for your business. We can analyze your entire telecommunications infrastructure, i.e., local service, long distance, data services, equipment inventory, maintenance, contracts, wiring/cabling, etc.
  • The analysis will identify overcharges, problem areas, correct number of lines, future requirements, current limitations, etc., and it will also identify alternatives to present services. Any service alternative considered will include cash flow analysis as well as strengths and weaknesses.

Strategic Plan Development

  • Paradise Telecommunications Consulting team will guide you with the development of a strategic telecommunications plan designed to ensure that your company benefits from the most cost effective, technology solutions available. A Paradise Communications developed strategic plan incorporates all of your businesses' applications.
  • Some of the benefits of a sound strategic plan are: 1) more efficient management, 2) lower purchase prices, 3) lower operational costs, 4) enhanced ability to budget for the future and 5) more effective internal, as well as external, communications.

Call Center Development and Analysis

  • Paradise Telecommunications Consulting team will assist with developing a dynamic call center or centers for your business. We assist your efforts in establishing robust, "user friendly" call center's by employing the latest Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) strategies and the latest Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and Integrated Voice Response (IVR) industry advances to ensure efficient, cost effective solutions.
  • We perform complete and thorough analyses to determine the current cost effectiveness and overall efficiency of your call center(s). The result: Recommendations designed to develop or improve the competitive advantage your call center's provides your company.

Help Desk Development

  • Paradise Communications will outsource or assist your company with the development of an internal "help desk" to cost effectively handle daily requests for telecommunications adds, moves, changes, assistance, trouble determination, research, etc.
  • We utilize our experience to ensure that you gain the advantage of the most service conscious, cost effective solutions, available.
  • Some of the benefits of a well designed and managed "help desk" are: 1) timely adds, moves, changes, 2) saves money and 3) makes managing easier.

Applications Development or Re-Engineering

  • Paradise Telecommunications Consulting teams experience offers you an expert resource for developing or re-engineering applications such as voice mail, call accounting or wireless data services, to name a few. Before developing or enhancing any application; they must be thoroughly researched so that your company makes sound decisions that are not only economically feasible but are also in line with your overall goal.
  • Paradise Communications goal is to make it very easy for customers to do business with you. Communications applications should be aimed at creating a competitive advantage for your company. Our research, development and recommendations are geared toward results that communicate your company's vision as well as creates or maintains your customer's loyalty, cost effectively.

Contact Paradise Communications for a "FREE" - "NO OBLIGATION" consultation!

Fees - Paradise Communications offers several fee options depending on scope, length of project and budget.

  • Project Fee (billing depends on scope of project)
  • Retained Services (billed monthly)
  • Hourly Rate (billed bi-weekly or monthly)
  • Expenses (billed in addition)

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