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Business and Technology Relocation Planning and Project Management

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Cellular phones and wireless services.  Often, the employee buys the phone & submits it as an expense item which may not even pass through the Telecommunicationís department

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Upgrade or Replace older systems?

Legacy telecommunications networks, switching systems and related equipment may no longer meet an organization's current requirements in a cost-effective manner. Shortcomings may include poor reliability, inadequate security, lack of disaster recovery capabilities, and inadequate tools for effective planning and cost-control. Paradise Communications consultants will determine whether maintaining legacy systems,  investing in technology upgrades for your PBX, Voice mail and Video Conferencing and the like, or replacement with new hardware makes the most sense.


Reliability, security and disaster recovery are now hot-button issues for many organizations. Guaranteed levels of service through redundancy, diversity and protection are generally no longer provided by today's fiercely competitive telecommunications industry. If system availability (reliability) is becoming problematic for an organization, PBX and Voice Mail systems upgrades are under consideration, if outages measured in hours cannot be tolerated, Paradise Communications can plan and manage implementation of network and system upgrades, providing the service level needed at an affordable cost. If logs and documentation of problem areas are required, we also carry out quality of service (QOS) measurements.


For firms considering adoption of new technologies like VoIP (Voice over IP) for reduction of communications costs, Paradise Communications provides objective and/or subjective evaluation of a technology's or service provider's level of performance.  Paradise Communications pre-purchase evaluations are tailored to assess those aspects most pertinent to an organization's needs.


Older teleconferencing systems lack the flexibility, quality and capabilities needed to satisfy today's users. Today's increased use of   videoconferencing has placed an emphasis on keeping systems and networks up to latest standards, providing the users with ease of use and flexibility for both Audio and Video conferencing. Paradise Communications engineers and consultants can help clients determine whether it is most cost-effective to retrofit older systems or to invest in new technology.  Our system evaluation includes human factors aspects such as ease-of-use, meeting-room privacy, acoustics and lighting, as well as examination of equipment and network. If keeping existing systems is the best solution, Paradise Communications can plan and manage the appropriate equipment retrofits and/or room remediation. If a fresh start is the better approach, we do that as well. In addition, for a typical organization, the payback period for many systems is now only several months, making them a sound business investment. 


Project management:

Successfully establishing or updating an organization's communications system requires skilled project management consultants. Hit-and-miss implementation may result in a system that fails to meet many of an organization's corporate objectives including reliability, security, diversity and usability. Paradise Communications project management services can start from project inception through to system verification. Whether your company needs to upgrade its videoconferencing, to add a virtual private network (VPN), to increase WAN reliability, to reduce its telephone bill, or to add an all-media PBX, Paradise Communications is ready to help.


Many organizations prefer a turnkey approach, outsourcing complete project management to Paradise Communications. For others, when in-house staff can comfortably manage some project aspects, we will work with them, to coordinate the project and provide specialized expertise as required.


Paradise Communications will be pleased to provide a consulting proposal and quotation for any or all of the elements of a comprehensive approach to ensure a functional and effective communications system.


With Paradise Communications, you are assured of an objective solution, thanks to our independence from any manufacturer, carrier or distributor.


 Paradise Communications project management may include:


  • Needs Assessment

  • Planning and justification

  • PBX, Voice Mail and Video Conferencing

  • Economic analysis

  • Budget control

  • Scheduling (PERT, Gantt, CPM)

  • Site, system design

  • Prepare RFI, RFP or RFQ

  • Bid management

  • Bid analysis and recommendation

  • Factory acceptance

  • Installation coordination

  • Final acceptance and test

  • In-house training, publicity

  • Maintenance plans



Paradise Communications expertise:

Paradise Communications consulting staff members each have 20 years' experience in planning, specifying and designing quality interactive communications solutions using telephony, audio, video, multimedia, satellite and state-of-the-art terrestrial network technologies.  Our consultants start with a clear understanding of a client's communications needs and objectives. This lets us plan a flexible communications environment that will respond to a client's changing needs and the evolving technologies in a practical and cost-effective way.



Paradise Communications consulting experience and depth of knowledge in communications technologies and related fields spans back to the initial development of many contemporary technologies. Our staff worked with organizations like Bell Labs, BNR, Octel and Nortel Networks along with a  number of others and have played significant roles in developing and applying corporate communications technologies as they evolved and matured, including a wide range of telecommunications equipment and transmission technologies.  Paradise Communications staff's stays up to date with standards-setting bodies has honed our awareness of compatibility and performance quality issues. We apply this formidable background and understanding to help find the best solutions for our clients.


At Paradise Communications, we are consultants, not agents, distributors or manufacturers representatives. We are unaffiliated with any manufacturer, supplier or common carrier, ensuring that we can recommend the optimal solution to meet a client's real needs and objectives, not some distributor's quota.  We believe that having your distributor manage the installation process is a lot like letting thee FOX watch over the chicken coop.


Paradise Communications provides relevant knowledge and experience unique in the industry. We pride ourselves on understanding a problem before we start, providing a timely, cost-effective solution.


Customer satisfaction is the norm with Paradise Communications. Repeat consulting business from many clients is an indication that we provide good value and that we meet our clients' technical and business objectives. At Paradise Communications, we are consultants, not distributors or manufacturers. We are not affiliated with any suppliers. This ensures that we can be truly objective, having freedom to recommend the optimum solution for a client's needs and budget.


Use of current telecommunications technologies can improve efficiency and reduce costs for nearly every organization. Clients including EBay, Altera, Loudcloud and Cacheflow have called on Paradise Communications consultants to improve their operations through enhanced telecommunications.


Techniques like virtual private networks (VPN's) with optimized network topologies and network management, will minimize costs while improving performance, security and reliability. State-of-the-art WANs, LANs and PBXs can switch and route not only telephony or voice but video and multimedia as well, to provide the greatest long-term cost savings. Modernizing videoconferencing and other collaborative technology hardware and facilities provides significant benefits to every organization.


Paradise Communications consulting staff ensure that an organization's goals and objectives are fully supported by its new communications technology investment. We know that productivity, corporate image, reliability, sound and image quality, meeting environment, security and privacy are important for our clients. Paradise Communications provides planning, design and implementation management services to give our clients proven sound and visual communications facilities integrating all the needed business tools. Proper acoustic environments, lighting, transmission and administration systems ensure that an organization's new investment gets regular use. The time and expense of having the busiest staff travel to other locations for meetings and training sessions will be reduced.


Client satisfaction is the norm with Paradise Communications. Repeat business from our clients is an indication that we provide good value and meet our clients' technical, business and budgetary objectives.


Typical Applications

  • Telephony and data

  • Videoconferencing

  • Audio conferencing

  • Monitoring and security

  • Broadcast conferencing (point-to-multipoint)

  • Training

  • Distance learning (MMDS, wireless cable and wired)

  • Collaborative technologies

  • Project management

  • Direct broadcast satellite (DBS, MPEG1, MPEG4)

  • Network planning

  • Remote customer access

  • Distributed work teams

  • Disaster recovery communications

  • Internet applications (VoIP, IP-PBXs, etc.)




Educational and Interactive distance learning Consulting practices:

Paradise Communications consultants know that our knowledge-based economy continues to generate strong demand for graduate degree, outreach and extension course offerings by colleges and universities for professional development and certification-upgrading. Educational institutions can profitably reach busy adult learners through interactive distance education. Program delivery can use telecommunications augmented with point-to-multipoint video, audio, and computer technologies, fully emulating the classroom or lecture hall environment.


Aided by modern telecommunications, many post-secondary institutions are providing off-campus skills-upgrading or certification for professionals or technologists, generating additional revenue streams. Paradise Communications can cost effectively meet the needs of various educational programs, from initial justification and planning to final implementation, using a flexible set of distance learning technologies.


K-12 public school districts faced with funding shortfalls, also benefit from implementing similar technologies to support small-enrolment programs, sharing specialist teachers among several school campuses within a classroom setting. Wireless cable or MMDS can economically provide needed programs in rural or urban settings.


Paradise Communications consulting experience shows that there is no single best solution to meet every institution's distance education program goals and objectives. We can help your organization with innovative solutions that make use of the most appropriate technology for your needs and budget.


Distance learning technologies include:


  • Videoconferencing

  • Audio conferencing

  • Video servers, training on-demand

  • Direct broadcast satellite distribution (DBS, MPEG2, MPEG4)

  • Multimedia conferencing

  • Computer mediated training

  • Broadcast conferencing (wireless, satellite, cable or MMDS)

  • Remote testing

  • Origination and mastering facilities

  • Internet applications (VoIP, MPEG4, etc.)




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