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Cellular phones and wireless services.  Often, the employee buys the phone & submits it as an expense item which may not even pass through the Telecommunicationís department

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Telephone - Key Systems - PBX

Effective communication is critical to any enterprise or organization. Regardless of the type of enterprise (business, governmental agency, charity organization) or its size (sole proprietor, a small business, or a multi-national organization) effective telephone communications is essential. Paradise Communications has implemented hundreds of telephone systems for a wide range of clients. From a small two-line key system with a few handsets, up to massive, networked PBX systems with thousands of lines, Paradise Communications has the experience and expertise to assure the most cost-effective solution. Paradise Communications breadth of experience and benchmarking capabilities provide a unique ability to recommend practical solutions, while taking advantage of newer technologies and services. Paradise Communications is well aware of industry developments and future directions, but is also dedicated to utilizing leading-edge, not "bleeding-edge" technologies.

Paradise Communications Consultants and Engineers can provide complete project management including needs analysis, system design, vendor solicitation and recommendation, implementation project management, relocation of personnel, and assistance with training. Our experience came from years of working with clients for NORTEL networks in the commercial, medical, banking, legal, educational and government disciplines.  We have worked with clients from 25 people to county wide organizations with hundreds of employees and companies that have nationwide and global presence.  Our staff knows how to do it right, wand what to look out for in the planning and implementation of new systems, upgrades, relocations and the like.

The first step in the process is a thorough assessment of the organization's needs. Paradise Communications will work with your staff to conduct a thorough Needs Assessment of the organization. In most cases, the Needs Assessment will involve an Audit of the organization's current provider services, starting with the provider bills themselves. Once a clear understanding of the needs of the organization has been established, Paradise Communications will design and specify, in great detail, the particular solution. As an independent consultant, Paradise Communications does not sell or represent any particular vendor or product. Consequently, the resulting design represents the most cost-effective solution to our clients. System design can include detailed specifications of wiring and cabling.

Following the design/specification phase, Paradise Communications can then solicit responses from several qualified vendors, either through a formal bidding process or through a Request for Proposal (RFP). Paradise Communications will evaluate, in detail, the vendors' responses to determine the most cost-effective solution, based on a life-cost analysis. The next step is contract negotiations with the selected vendor's. Paradise Communications has significant experience in assuring a fair agreement for its clients. Paradise Communications will prepare a detailed installation plan and, under the guidance of certified project managers, manage the implementation of the system. Finally, in the case of new or relocated systems, Paradise Communications can manage the Relocation of personnel and equipment, as required.

Senior Consultants and Telecommunications Engineers with expertise in Design and Implementation Management

Paradise Communications has extensive experience with telephone systems of all sizes, utilized in the broad spectrum of businesses and organizations. Such systems include:

  • North American wide network of Call Center - PBX - VMS - IVR - CTI telecommunications and Technology consultants.

  • Assists vendors, Telco's, manufacturers and end-users to make better decisions.

  • Systems Analysts are experienced and professional and conform to our strict, ongoing customer satisfaction criteria.

  • Provide technical product documentation and skills to solve complex problems and organizational issues.

  • Analog key systems

  • Digital (ISDN-Based) Key Systems

  • PBX (Single or Networked)

  • Converged (Voice-Over-IP) Systems

  • Centrex

  • Wireless

Paradise Communications also has implemented a wide range of peripheral or companion systems such as Voice Mail, Voice Messaging, Unified Messaging, Voice Response, Paging, Call Accounting, Wireless, as well as Call Centers, Conferencing and Customer Relations Management (CRM) applications.



The key to our planning of an effective telecommunications strategy is to understand our clients' current business requirements, and share their vision of the future. There is no magic formula for success. This kind of knowledge can only be acquired through long term diligent study and high level communication. We know our business. We also make it our business, over the course of our relationship, to understand our clients'.

We welcome the opportunity to interact with our clients at every level. Our charter is to understand their operation and business requirements. They can leverage our expertise and perspective to help them achieve their goals and objectives. This is a step-by-step process beginning with a thorough audit of the services utilized today and the identification of the best solutions to maximize operations, now, and into the foreseeable future.

We proactively recommend adjustments when we see an advantage, or observe a change that might be beneficial in a specific client situation. We are proud to have many clients who will attest to the value of the partnerships that we have established with them over the years.


Today, telecommunications technology advances at the speed of light, developing a language all its own.  Vendors come on the scene every day, offering new products, new services, new ways of thinking. Technical people, those with talent, drive and loyalty are harder and harder to find. Demands on your in-house technical resources continually grow more challenging.

You could keep trying to build a telecommunications staff to keep up with the workload, or, you could bring on Paradise Communications as your partner. Paradise Communications is an independent telecommunications consulting firm who's principal consultant's have been in the business for over 20 years. We're here to stay. We're here when you need us. And we're flexible. We'll work with you on a single project, as an extension of your in-house staff, or as your fully outsourced telecommunications department.

Essentially, you're hiring a group of seasoned professionals - without the overhead of a large technical staff. Paradise Communications has the manpower to get the job done for you; if a major project requires more staff, that's our responsibility, not yours. Just as important, you'll benefit from the hard-to-find skill sets of our entire team. Today, it's virtually impossible for one person to be an expert of every aspect of telecommunications support. We pool our experience and talents on your behalf.

Ongoing relationships with our clients are key to our ability to meet and surpass their expectations, consistently. We do that by living with their challenges every day. By interacting with employees at every level. By conducting business with their vendors. By understanding their business issues, from the boardroom to the individual office.


The choices available in the Local Exchange and Long Distance Carrier arena today are absolutely dizzying. Changes in their offerings, rates, and focus continue to happen as you read this. Paradise Communications and their affiliates are constantly engaged in contract negotiations with various carriers on behalf of our clients. This constant and frequent exposure gives us a unique perspective. We know exactly what these carriers are focusing on this month, this week, what their quarterly objectives really are and  how to negotiate the best deal for your firm. 

In preparation, we will conduct a complete audit of the services that you are being billed for and discuss their feasibility with you. We will the measure the aggregate demand that your enterprise represents in each service category and use that service profile as a basis for an RFP and subsequent contract specifications.  Once the contract is set up and service begins we can provide tracking and audits to insure the billing is correct.


Contact us today to discuss how we can help you!

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