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Business and Technology Relocation Planning and Project Management

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Cellular phones and wireless services.  Often, the employee buys the phone & submits it as an expense item which may not even pass through the Telecommunicationís department

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Real Estate Technology - Facility and Technology Infrastructure Audit

Relocating or upgrading your facility provides an opportunity to enhance your facility design resulting in a more productive workplace. Proper design for facility and infrastructure systems prevents reactive problems, reduces support costs and enhances system "up time".  Few CEO and CFO's are ever told the facts - when was the last time you risk your job because someone caused a problem - the technician cut the wrong cable, the documentation was out of date, the server room overheated and we lost the database server.

A well kept secret in the technology arena is that over 50 % of technology problems can be traced to improper facility design and maintenance.  In part, the IT department does not want to go back to facility and tell then they did not account for the requirements in the initial plan.  With today's high density equipment, although rack space can be consolidated, significant additional power and cooling must be planned and provided for the technology spaces  your company.  Failure to do so can result in costly and time consuming problems.  Network and equipment failures often are caused by overheated communications rooms, improper venting and cooling and other facility related problems. 

Thatís why relocating or renovating your offices provides the perfect opportunity to enhance systems--electrical, signal cabling, HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning), space design, etc.--to improve your technology performance, solve or prevent problems, and create a more efficient, productive workplace. But every step must be planned, managed, and executed properly.  Let us help you insure a well design and properly implemented environment to properly maintain the enormous investment your company has made in its technology and telecommunications equipment.

Paradise Communications experienced consultants specialize in developing robust network architectures to meet client expectations and future demands in today's dynamic marketplace. Our multi-protocol, multi-vendor expertise spans the broadest range of technologies, giving our consultants and engineers the high-level skills and vendor certifications needed to handle today's specialized networks.

Paradise Communications provides expert facility design and project management services for new space, relocations or retrofits to existing facilities.

Our experienced consultants supervise the complex process of properly designing facility systems.

The result is better planning and design from the beginning all the way to project completion, on time and within budget. This proven expertise means more effective operation, increased reliability, and vastly improved flexibility for future growth and expansion of technology systems.


Facilities design by Paradise Communications is cost effective both in the short and long term. Because over 50% of technology problems can be traced to improper facility design, expert planning solves problems before they occur. Understanding and adhering to equipment specifications is also essential to prevent voiding warranties and disrupting service contracts.

Long-term, proper planning eliminates or reduces the need for costly retrofits as changes in technology occur over time.


The successful completion of your relocation or facilities redesign will require a variety of specialized services. Paradise Communications can provide the services in whole or in part to meet your specific requirements.


  • Space and Technology Utilization

  • Specialty Rooms and Areas, Computer Rooms, Word

  • Processing Centers, Copy Centers, Accounting Areas, etc.


  • Bid Documents and Evaluations

  • CAD (Computer Aided Design) Documentation

  • Contractor Selection

  • System Documentation

  • Electrical Disturbance Monitoring

  • Power Design Review and Testing Supervision

  • Grounding

  • On-Site Project Management

  • Specialty Rooms and Areas

  • Technical Specifications

  • Uninterrupted, Conditioned, Dedicated, and Isolated Power


  • Bid Documents and Evaluations

  • CAD (Computer Aided Design) Documentation

  • Contractor Selection

  • System Documentation

  • Network Cabling Compliance Testing

  • SystimaxTM Network/Data Cabling (1gb/sec)

  • Network Topology Design

  • On-Site Project Management

  • Technical Specifications

  • Specialty Rooms and Areas

  • Integrated voice, data, video and teleconferencing systems



  • Bid Documents and Evaluations

  • CAD (Computer Aided Design) Facility and IT

  • Contractor Selection

  • Cooling and Humidity Control

  • System Documentation

  • Fire Suppression

  • Heat Generation Planning

  • On-Site Project Management

  • Signal and Alarm Control

  • Specialty Rooms and Areas

  • Technical Specifications



Thorough analysis of your businesses short and long-term requirements is the first step in any relocation. This allows for proper allocation of space for the new location compared to existing space.

Review of growth factors for personnel, technologies, and office systems is essential.

Proper analysis prevents the need for change orders which cause lost time, increased construction costs, delays in occupancy, disruption to client services, damage to new space, opportunities for theft, and loss of controlled coordination.


We work closely with architects to ensure that technology specifications and drawing design is accurate and appropriate. We verify and compare your requirements to the drawings (prints). The drawings can be corrected, approved, and submitted to contractors for bid -- eliminating needless changes later. Contractor bids are then evaluated and contractor selections made.


Paradise Communications manages and coordinates activities with Architects, Engineers, Construction Managers, General Contractors, Subcontractors and Building Personnel.

Schedules are established for all work. Project meetings are attended as needed to ensure the space is constructed as designed.


As work is completed, our technical specialists will inspect all work and target items needing correction prior to occupancy. A final inspection will also be conducted, along with a thorough review of all documentation.


As your business prepares to move, our technical specialists and consultants will assist you in planning for equipment moving, deliveries, insurance, coordination, inspections, and related matters.

Technology Audits and Consulting Services, Design and Project Management, Network Engineering Services and Service and Support are Paradise Communications ís key areas of expertise.

We conduct comprehensive system Audits to help clients proactively manage technology change. The Audit results include detailed recommendations to increase system stability, optimize performance, and anticipate growth. We provide specific functions designed to supplement your IT Department instead of taking over all responsibilities. Because we are not affiliated with particular vendors or suppliers, we are able to design and recommend objective, cost-effective technology solutions.

Paradise Communications has skilled and experienced technology consultants and engineers available to assist you in managing your firmís technology change.



  • Comprehensive Technology Audit

  • Document Management Audit

  • Knowledge Management Audit

  • Information Systems Organization Overview Audit

  • Network Security Audit


  • Maximizing professional productivity resulting in lowering your costs

  • Administrative Applications

  • Cost Accounting and Recovery

  • Mail Services

  • Communications Devices

  • Desktop Management

  • Database and Imaging Technology

  • Electronic Collaborative Tools

  • Facilities Design and Management

  • Engineering Services

  • Infrastructure Overview

  • Signal Cable Design

  • Firewalls

  • Internet, Extranet and Intranet Services

  • Integrated Imaging

  • LAN/WAN Management

  • Project Management

  • Technology Systems Design

  • Telecommunications


  • Staff augmentation on a temporary or permanent basis

  • Desktop and Client Server Management and Optimization

  • Network Management

  • Help-Desks



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