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Business and Technology Relocation Planning and Project Management

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Office Relocation and Information Technology Relocation Management


Office Relocation and Information Technology Relocation Planning and Management along with Vendor Management and supervision are key services we offer our clients.  Today's technology centric office environment requires specialist who understand both voice and data networks, facility planning, IT and Telecommunications Infrastructure and can provide both office space planning and technology engineering services to assure everyone has a phone and e-Mail on the first day at the new office.

Paradise Communications provides Design, Planning and Project Management services focused on the Technology aspects of a single office relocation to your Business Relocation, from minor reconfigurations and facility planning, to the opening of a branch office to the design and relocation of your mission critical applications to a new data center.  We work with your Facility, IT and relocation team to manage your business relocation for users and technology equipment, including servers, network hardware, desktop systems, Telephones and Communications equipment and operational services which require intensive Planning and Project Management utilizing a dedicated and experienced team who understand and can execute a detailed plan for managing all of the complex intricacies, scheduling and co-ordination required to ensure a successful project.  A strong commitment to develop and follow the process, project plan and schedule with an uncompromising focus on every minute detail, following up with each of the team members, coordinating with all of the IT consulting team, Telecommunications and Cabling  vendors, providing onsite vendor implementation management, developing testing plans and procedures, are all necessary steps we provide in the relocation process. 


We partner with Facilities and IT organizations to bridge the GAP & interpret communications between Facilities & Architects, Space Planning and Relocation firms, Construction Teams & the IT organization to ensure an uneventful business relocation experience for your employees.  It is not uncommon to find that terminology used in either trade is bewildering to the other.  We provide a common communications channel by working with each organization to ensure that what they want is clearly communicated throughout the construction phase.  This can save significant time and cost and while providing a much better finished product and can result in improved teamwork and trust between the different departments. It's truly a WIN - WIN Scenario for everyone involved.    Office Relocation Plan.


Business Relocation Move Coordinator office layout planOur experience in working on a number of business relocation projects where network and technology services where critical to the success of the move, give us unique qualifications to make your next relocation project a success.  Whether it the expansion and reconfiguration of a company’s critical IT (Information Technology) Infrastructure, Relocations of Technology Lab or your entire corporate Voice & Data network systems that are involved in a corporate construction project, we provide the expertise to make it happen. 


Facilities departments today are faced with a number of challenges, they may need to expand, consolidate or relocation of business offices, open a branch office, or just renovation of existing facilities.  All of these scenarios have significant impact on the Communications and Technology Infrastructure of the facilities.  That's where we come in to assist with the design and implementation management of the relocation of technology equipment and services.  Whether you use in house staff to relocate the equipment or one of our vendor contacts to move the physical hardware, we can make sure that the infrastructure is in place, and mange the relocation of the physical hardware to its new home.  From a small branch office to planning a new data center, were there to help you from start to finish. 


Planning for the relocation of a corporate facility is an overwhelming task even for the experienced person. It takes an enormous amount of planning, time and energy for any organization. If you’ve been there, you recognize that one of the more daunting tasks for the business relocation is the technology requirements for the new site, its design, planning and Project Management is not for the faint of heart. The detailed task list, Project Plan, equipment and materials, IT Infrastructure, Cable Plant, Voice and Data Circuits alone provide for an unending list of details to schedule and co-ordinate for even the most basic moves, all demand an experienced team to handle these effectively.


Our methodology is tailored for close cooperation with architects and is integrated with building design and construction work flows that are managed by our IT consulting team. Effective planning is crucial among facility owners, Telecommunications and IT Departments, architects, electrical engineers, construction managers, and designers. We understand the intricacies associated with multiphase construction, renovation, and relocation and can address many of the issues in a timely and cost-effective manner. This, along with our solid understanding of state-of-the art telecommunications and information technologies, supplements our client resources.


Business Relocation and facility planning, Move Coordinator office layout planning, savings, it consulting  When things don’t go according to plan, you need someone to immediately assist in resolving issues and addressing impact on the rest of the schedule.  That's why we provide onsite dedicated resources focused specifically on your needs and timelines.  We can plan and develop an entire new infrastructure. Manage the project. Supervise the technology move. Oversee the transition to a new system. Provide Implementation management of outside data and telecommunications vendors and suppliers. We will work with your team on planning, implementation and testing along with post move support and documentation for your project. Budget planning and Project Management are an integral part of achieving the completed project, but the IT infrastructure design for the site needs to be designed to last for years.


Whether a business relocation to a new site is planned, expanding your current facility, or opening a new branch office or a new data center, the heart of all communications services are affected.  Paradise Communications technical relocation consultants are experts at streamlining the technical side of your business moves, whether you're expanding using existing equipment ... using the move as an opportunity to upgrade your systems ... or starting from scratch with an empty shell ... we have the expertise you need to keep disruptions to a minimum and get your system up and running fast.  We have unique experience working with a number of clients in planning IT systems, Labs, and network equipment for relocation and expansion projects.


Information Technology Relocation Management

The following is an overview of the typical activity Paradise Communications engages in to relocate an Enterprise to new facilities. This is a generic overview and not intended to be a definitive scope of work for any particular client or project. The Relocation Management Methodology utilizes our company's design and management processes.


Design Phase

The following "Design Phase" activities represent general tasks that carried out by Paradise Communications for Business and technology relocations.


Local Area Networks

  • Assess current network infrastructure

  • Establish a reference list of re-useable equipment

  • Interview relevant businesses groups

  • Review Technology Standards, Policies and Practices

  • Develop LAN design - Propose a cabling architectural plan

  • Produce a LAN design and plan for tendering the LAN equipment

  • Determine LAN budgets

  • Prepare, Issue and Review tenders and provide recommendations


Wide Area Network

  • Assess current network architecture and application

  • Establish a list of equipment to be used in the new building

  • Interview reverent business groups

  • Review Standards, Policies, Practices and emerging technologies

  • Develop a WAN architectural plan

  • Liaise with carriers and service providers

  • Define and develop cabling plan

  • Determine and produce WAN budgets

  • Prepare, Issue and Review recommendations


Voice Systems

  • Assess current infrastructure

  • Conduct interviews/surveys

  • Develop a voice network plan and specifications

  • Determine and produce Voice System budgets

  • Assess tenders and provide recommendations

  • Prepare, Issue and Review recommendations


Data Center & Telecommunications Room Design

  • Conduct audit of existing useable equipment

  • Define an equipment layout and cabling floor plan

  • Produce tender document

  • Review tenders and provide recommendations

  •  Design and develop Continuity of Business (COB)


Continuity of Business Network Plan

  • Develop a Continuity of Business (COB) Plan

  • Determine possible component failures and identify restorative actions

  • Co-ordinate designs of all systems to ensure connectivity

  • Produce technology delivery project schedule for the Construction programming


Implementation Phase

Paradise Communications Relocation Methodology addresses the following tasks with respect to the Building Phase of a relocation project.

  • Develop project schedule and plan

  • Manage the purchase, delivery, integration, installation and configuration of equipment

  • LAN and Voice interconnections finalized

  • Define labeling standards for the new building

  • Build and administer patching database

  • Establish and manage inventory tracking system

  • Establish and manage Change Management system

  • Establish and manage project budgets

  • Establish and build a database of equipment for the new building

  • Establish Acceptance Test Plan

  • Initiate/attend project meetings

  • Conduct quality audits


Migration / Relocation Phase

Paradise Communications Relocation Methodology addresses the following areas during the Migration/Relocation phase of the project.

  • Develop a migration and relocation plan

  • Finalization of existing facilities to be relocated, in-conjunction with the new building seating plan

  • Develop a relocation contingency plan

  • Finalize agreed telephone-numbering plan

  • Establish a Relocation Help Desk

  • Resource, manage, supervise and co-ordinate relocation of systems

  • Conduct Acceptance Testing of new and relocated systems

  • Commission new and relocated systems; and o Provide 'as built' hand documentation


Combining our strengths in Technology Infrastructure Design and Project Management we develop a Technology Relocation plan to address the overall Technology requirements which will be affected by the move.  We provide an analysis of the following areas to ensure that the technology is ready for the relocation as part of the process.

  • Technology and Infrastructure visioning, strategic planning and budgeting

  • Cabling systems, technology equipment rooms, and cable routing design

  • Infrastructure inventory and needs assessment

  • Vendor Selection and Implementation management services

  • Facilities Planning and Room & Pathway Designs & Layouts

  • Design of telecom entrance facilities and technology closets

  • Technical, functional, and physical specifications

  • Development of the Technology budget

  • Bid specifications and drawings for cabling systems

  • Management of bid processes for IT services and systems

  • Develop and manage and maintain a detailed Project Plan

  • Provide user reports with status of recommended actions and plans

  • Construction management of IT infrastructure and systems implementation

  • Technology migration and relocation management


We work with Facilities and IT organizations to bridge the -  GAP  -  between them, to minimize the disruption to your companies operations while completing the office relocation project on time and within your budget constraints.  We take the headaches out of relocating your business's technical systems. Our experienced consultants will work with your Corporate Facilities organization to plan, organize and execute a smooth and trouble-free move. Our Senior Project Managers monitor construction schedules, coordinate vendors and staff to minimize interruptions to your business and ensure you are operational as scheduled.  Paradise Communications can help support the office relocation of a single business site, from a small startup looking for their first office to a large multi-national company planning an entire campus - everything from individual desktops and peripherals to large server rooms and data centers. Our focus remains on the Business Relocation and Information Technology Relocation Management and Vendor Management for Office Relocations, project Planning and Project Management services for Business Relocations throughout the project.

Our Pre-Planning process is the key to a successful relocationBusiness Relocation and facility planning, Move Coordinator office layout planning, savings, it consulting

Pre-move planning ensures that every element of your business relocation is addressed and that a tried and tested move plan is in place, ready to roll come the move date. This is the most critical phase, and the success of the move rests on the pre-move systems and innovative solutions that are in place beforehand.


Experience has taught us how to minimize risk and cost overruns.  Here are a couple ideas:

  • Pre-Planning, results in a refined, conceptual understanding of the move process. It includes the anticipated costs (organized into different scenario options), any long-lead requirements and other demands on resources.

  • Implementation Planning is where specific objectives and detailed planning guidelines are developed. Regular planning meetings are conducted and documented to assign specific tasks and responsibilities to the appropriate parties and to ensure their completion.

  • Physical Relocation is the actual physical relocation of Computer Room and Communications Equipment takes place. Paradise Communications provides on-site management and coordination throughout the move weekend to ensure the timely completion of all elements of the relocation plan and schedule.


What does this do for you?

Our consultants provide over fifty years experience in Electronics, Communications, Voice & Data Networks, IT Infrastructure & Facilities Relocation Experience to make your job easier.  We make a difference by:

  • Providing expertise on technology requirements for your office relocations.

  • Minimizing your time spent on IT issues, reduces expenses, and reduce frustration.

  • Providing contacts and resources to get the materials and equipments needed to implement design.

  • Understanding what’s critical to the design and knowing when to push back if its overkill.

  • Knowing what questions to ask and where to get the answers.

  • Detail-oriented approach to IT Infrastructure Design, Planning & Project Management of IT requirements.

  • Work with trades to translate technical requirements into Construction terms they use.

  • Lead you through the maze of regulations, codes, service providers and vendor selection.

  • Utilize our expertise to advise on cost effective solutions and provide “Value Engineering” to the Project.

  • Deliver timely response to those inevitable technical questions that arise during a construction project.

  • Project Management that fits seamlessly with your own IT and Facilities expertise.

  • Cable management and patching strategies which ensure total connectivity and easy cable management.

Let us help you with all of your Business Relocation and Information Technology Relocation Management providing Vendor Management for Office Relocations, Project Planning and Project Management services for Business Relocations


Free Project Analysis

Every successful relocation project requires a budgetary plan and a Project plan.   We'll provide a no cost consultation to potential clients to introduce you to our services and help get you started with your plan and an initial Business Relocation and facility planning, Move Coordinator office layout planning, savings, it consulting  budget.  We'll help you develop responsible time lines and develop an initial budget while working on vendor bid requirements.


With a little information from you, our certified project consultants will provide you with an initial project budget and schedule analysis. We help you develop the facts and figures you need to cost-effectively move your project forward. This critical information is invaluable to a successful relocation and will give you a chance to see just what we can do for your team.


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