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Project Management for Tenant Improvement Projects


You can easily recognize tenant improvement projects managed by Paradise Communications. It optimizes the client’s financial investment by saving them time and money. Equally important, our clients focus on business while we manage the build out on their behalf. We make a personal commitment to you and your firm to provide the most effective project management and technology relocation planning anywhere in the USA.

Paradise Communications takes responsibility for technology design, project accounting and controls, implementation management and total relocation planning. At every step, you will know your expenditures to date and balance to complete the project.


Paradise Communications provides the traditional services of managing design and construction and also offers you:

  • Financial Analyses to help you and your broker decide whether to renovate or move

  • Realistic, continually-updated budgets based on our experience in the real estate industry.

  • Insight into the track record and capacity of architects and contractors so that you hire the best team.

  • Evaluation and coordination of office technologies, from communications to data systems.

  • Coordination of your move so that business interruptions are avoided.

Without exception, Paradise Communications saves clients the most time and money when involved during a project’s earliest phases—before a location is selected, the lease is negotiated, or the architect is hired. It is during this time that we can foresee and prevent difficulties, and ensure that you get the best deal and the best team for the job.



Building Selection - Due Diligence and Facilities Reviews for Technology Infrastructure

Working with your broker and architect, we assist you in selecting a building that best meets your expectations for the location, image, technology infrastructure budget and schedule.  Based on your preliminary program, our experts analyze alternative locations and compare crucial factors such as electrical systems, which help determine your technological capabilities; column spacing, which affects your layout; and HVAC systems, which can dramatically affect construction costs. This information is extremely valuable during lease negotiations.

Once you’ve narrowed your choices and identified the challenges associated with each, Paradise Communications determines potential solutions. One space may have lower rent but require an expensive HVAC upgrade while another’s ample windows and high ceilings provide a dramatic setting for that interconnecting stair, but increase costs. Our solutions are wide-ranging— from negotiating with the landlord to pay for base building improvements, to identifying alternative construction methods. The key lies in Paradise Communications experience and our expertise in finance, design, and construction.

During building selection, Paradise Communications Properties

  • Reviews your preliminary program to understand your needs;

  • Tours alternative buildings with you and your broker;

  • Compares building factors and assists the broker in determining your total occupancy cost for each option; and

  • Solves the problems of your first-choice location.


Lease Negotiation - Due Diligence reviews - Broker support

Paradise Communications helps clients uncover hidden costs, which are usually related to a deficient description of the Base Building Core and Shell in the Lease Agreement. We identify and quantify these findings early on and use them during negotiations to increase the Tenant Allowance—the landlord-provided funds for designing and constructing the space. We then help attorneys and brokers negotiate with owners to shift the expense to the owner and identify issues that could derail the schedule.

Our services for lease negotiations include

  • Review of base building drawings and building information to identify potential hidden costs, most often related to mechanical, electrical, and life safety systems;

  • Assistance to the broker and attorney during lease negotiations, ensuring that design and construction issues are addressed;

  • Review of the Work Agreement and description of Base Building Core and Shell to make certain that the client gets the most value for its rental payment and that the allowance is used for items the tenant needs; and

  • Preliminary budgeting to allocate the allowance and tenant funds that may be available for build-out.


Design and Layout- Engineering and Architectural Designs

During the design phase and throughout the project, we recommend alternate solutions that maintain the design intent and save the client money.

The design team has the greatest impact on the appearance and functionality of your space. That’s why Paradise Communications takes great care in helping you select an architect with demonstrated creativity, a client-focused approach, and the communication and technical skills to deliver a professional product.

Our tenant project managers are all former architects—we’re sensitive to aesthetic elements while controlling the budget and schedule. This background gives us keen insight when selecting a firm and promotes productive interaction when
design is underway. Paradise Communications brings to the process a disciplined business view and approach.

Design team management services extend to

  • Assembling the team—We issue Requests for Proposals to select architectural, engineering, and other required consulting firms; help you evaluate the responses and conduct interviews; and negotiate the terms of resultant agreements;

  • Reviewing designs—We attend design presentations, evaluate drawings and specifications, and recommend modifications that preserve a project’s design while maintaining the budget and schedule;

  • Managing the team—Paradise Communications solicits input from team members regarding the budget, schedule, and technical issues and ensures that all members possess and understand the necessary information;

  • Coordinating with the client and landlord—We communicate with the tenant to make certain that project design is consistent with their wishes and with the landlord requirements; and

  • Reviewing construction documents— Paradise Communications reviews the architect’s drawings before they reach contractors to identify budgetary conflicts, code compliance, and scheduling problems.


Construction -General Contractor -Cabling -Telecommunications and Furniture Contractors

We use our past experiences to anticipate and prevent many potential construction problems that can delay the project and increase costs and add risk to the success of the overall project..

Paradise Communications experience in construction management enables us to assess the reliability of potential General Contractors— to recommend those with the skill to build the desired design, an attitude that promotes teamwork, and the ability to meet the budget and schedule. We can foresee and prevent most construction problems and have the technical expertise to help resolve issues in the field when they do arise.

During construction management, Paradise Communications Properties will:

  • Evaluate your costs and benefits with a negotiated contract versus a competitive bid among several contractors;

  • Prepare and distribute bidding requirements, analyze contractors’ submissions, help you identify the best firm, and negotiate the contractor agreement;

  • Serve as your representative on the site, inspecting construction, attending progress meetings, resolving problems, and reporting the implications to you;

  • Coordinate the General Contractors' applications for payment to the landlord; and

  • Direct completion of your punch-list items.


Technology Consultants and Vendor Management

Our consultants work in conjunction with your IT staff to ensure that all systems are operational as scheduled to avoid any disruption to your business.

Paradise Communications works with the tenant to help ensure that on the first day of occupancy you are fully operational. All too often, project planning and design inadequately address technology issues, leading to higher costs, delayed schedules, or inferior quality. We raise questions early in the process to eliminate surprises.

Paradise Communications ensures you get the systems you need within your budget and schedule by

  • Meeting with your technology experts to determine requirements for telecommunications equipment and services, voice and data cabling, LAN/WAN relocation, and access security systems;

  • Determining the impact of technology requirements on design, construction, budget, and schedule;

  • Ensuring that the design team incorporates technology-related elements into drawings and specifications;

  • Managing technology-related consultants and equipment vendors to ensure that their work is fully integrated with design, construction, furniture, and other project components; and

  • Ensuring that long-term maintenance and support is provided by equipment vendors as part of your equipment purchase or lease.


Paradise Communications relocation services

Whether your move is a permanent one to a new location or a temporary one that allows for phased construction, we minimize your company's downtime and relocation cost.

  • Identification of all elements to be disposed or moved, including furniture, fixtures, and equipment;

  • Selection and negotiation with the moving contractor;

  • Early preparation of a relocation budget;

  • Coordination with new furniture vendors, telecom vendors, and your computer network integrator to ensure that the specified items are installed or delivered on time;

  • Development of a comprehensive task list and assignment of responsibility for each task;

  • Preparation of a clear relocation schedule and how it relates to construction and deliveries; and

  • Supervision of the physical move to maintain communication between the old and new sites.


Contact us today to discuss how we can help you!

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