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Infrastructure Design Build and Relocation Services


Building Computer and Network Operations Centers using Information Technology Infrastructure Design Engineers

Today new business is utilizing Information Technology in ways no one imagined just a few years ago.  Companies now utilize Communications and Network services as an important tool in meeting business objectives and managing the company to meet corporate goal and objectives.


The revolution coming from the internet, e-mail and new communications services has drastically altered the way we utilize technology. In these unforgiving 7 by 24 by forever environments, downtime is intolerable. It all boils down to how resilient and secure is the environment protecting the computers that store your critical data?


Do you have a Disaster Recovery plan - Whatís your risk tolerance and backup plans?

Today's Data center managers always ask and analyze:

  • Can I afford downtime?

  • Are all downtime exposure points eliminated in the environment housing my mission-critical equipment?

  • Is my existing facility protected from power fluctuations and inadequate cooling?

  • How will my data be preserved in an emergency?

  • Is my existing environment flexible enough to change and expand?

How do you thoroughly protect your business environment?


Information technology centers must always be ready to react to lightning-fast technology changes. To properly evaluate and optimize your centerís needs requires expertise and experience in the computer facilities environment.


For an existing center:

 Ask a computer facility expert for a risk analysis and a power quality audit. This information helps you clearly

understand the status of your environment and the risks your equipment is exposed to.


For a new center:

Work with computer facility experts to properly plan and implement your state-of-the-art e-business center.

Experts will assess:

  • Weak links

    • Power?

    • Cooling?

    • Security?

    • Network Capacity?

  • Capability to grow the environment

    • Ability to add equipment / personnel

    • Network Capacity?

  • Existence and evaluation of a disaster prevention plan


Where do you go for experienced resources to plan an mage these critical projects?

Simply stated, functional, efficient and environmentally sound data / network centers donít happen without careful risk analysis, solid planning, effective control, and proper implementation.  Our consultants and engineers have the expertise and  know how to keep your center operational to help you around the clock.


Look at where today's leading technology firms go for IT Infrastructure Design and Project Management services.  Companies like EDS, Opsware, Loudcloud, EBay, Cacheflow, and many others have looked to Paradise Communications to help them with technology projects.   When you need a firm who will provide the commitment, nationwide services and support of projects done the way you want them done, look to the experts at Paradise Communications to provide you Planning and Project Managements services.


Now you can use their expertise in network and IT infrastructure support services to deliver your Design Build and Relocation Services.  Our consultants understand how to assess your needs and how to help you completely protect your environment.  During the last 10 years, Paradise Communications Consultants have provided Design Build and Relocation Services for firms providing:

  • Expertise in Design and Implementation Management Network Operations and Information Technology Centers

  • Experienced Project Managers who have worked on both corporate computer center, data centers, NOC build-out and Network Operations and Information Technology Centers

  • provides single point of contact and accountability on every project, from start to finish

  • Our consultants provide consultative advice, facility solutions, and growth plans


Design Build Services

Whether youíre seeking a total turnkey solution, or simply need design assistance, management services, or access to our full range of products, our Design Build and Relocation Services Team are prepared to provide the level of service needed to complete your project on time and within budget, reporting to your staff and maintaining project plans and budgets which we have mutually agreed too..


Creating an environment for critical equipment

The design process to create an environment suitable for critical, vendor neutral equipment recommendations are both complex and time consuming. There are many factors to consider when designing space that maximize productivity and processing efficiency while minimizing the risk of downtime.  Our services begin at the planning stage, supplying the skills to provide a successful data processing site. Our consultants outline detailed requirements for power, air quality, flooring, network wiring, and work flow designed specifically for your site and your facilities requirements.


Environmental considerations include:

  • Power: Our Consultants and engineers will identify points of exposure, risk and recommendations, and then work with your Electrician and General Contractor to designs the right solution for power protection.

  • Air Conditioning: The recommended solution not only address air temperature and quality, but more importantly, we work to make sure that Air Flow is well planned to provide cooling to your critical server and network equipment housed in the main computer rooms, along with the Communications Distributions rooms housing your Network equipment.  We will also work with your staff on proactive tools to measure, monitor and modify conditions as required.

  • Access Flooring or overhead cable trays designed to provide the correct environment for cable management.


Relocation Services

Whether youíre moving down the hall or across the country, Paradise Communications Relocation Services are designed to help minimize disruption to critical computer resources, facilitating a smooth transition to the new processing location. Paradise Communications Relocation Services both manage and execute complex relocations, paying special attention to details such as:

  • Confirming that the new environment is properly configured for your equipment.

  • Checking power protection and air conditioning systems to determine if theyíre adequate for current usage and future growth.

  • Scheduling activities to minimize disruption to your organizationís daily operations.


Provide for the proper packing and handling of sensitive equipment.  Paradise Communications Relocation Services include:

  • Pre-move planning and coordination

  • Project plan development

  • Project plan execution by skilled project managers

  • Equipment preparation for shipping by properly qualified technicians

  • Physical relocation of equipment by insured, experienced movers

  • Reinstallation and testing of equipment by qualified technicians

  • Related cabling


Our services are designed to be flexible and to address your business needs.  We will work with you on defining your business goals and objectives, develop a scope of work for the project, develop the budget and project plant and work with your to make sure your relocation and technology needs are identified and met.  Our service will address the following business areas:

  • Architectural and Engineering Services

  • Business Continuity Planning / Disaster Prevention

  • Construction Services

  • Facility Improvement Concepts

  • Information Technology Centers

  • Network Operations Centers

  • Data Centers

    • New Data Centers

    • Data Center Consolidation

    • Data Center Expansion

    • Server Consolidation

  • Structured Relocation Services

  • Project Management


Whether youíre looking to relocate you business office or optimize your IT infrastructure or need help transforming your network for business success, our portfolio of Design Build and Relocation Services and solutions for technology facilities has just the right solution to support your growth objectives and technology projects while letting your staff focus on running your business.



Contact us today to discuss how we can help you!

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