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Cellular phones and wireless services.  Often, the employee buys the phone & submits it as an expense item which may not even pass through the Telecommunication’s department

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Why Use Paradise Communications?

Solutions designed specifically for your business:

Paradise Communications will provide experienced technology and Telecommunication consultants whom will work with your staff to develop a plan based upon your business needs, the most cost effective solutions and comprehensive overviews of the best technology solutions available today.  You will have a business partner who understands the technology and business challenges you are facing, as well as the existing and emerging technologies that will inevitably affect your business in the future. We have the people, knowledge, and experience to evaluate, design and implement the most effective technology solutions for your business.  Working in unison with your staff as a cohesive team to jointly decide the priority of solutions to be deployed to enhance and achieve your business goals.  We will work with you to ensure that you are making wise technological investments that focus on business needs and not just Gold plated vendor proposals.  We will develop a plan for the implementation of mission-critical IT and telecom systems, working with your architects and engineers to design a technologically-advanced data center, server and communications rooms to provide networks services built for the future. We will customize a plan specifically to meet your needs, from a “Project Kick-Start Team Plan” to a turnkey Technical solution.


How did we become the leading Business and Technology Relocation Management Firm?

  • Experience - Paradise Communications has years of experience working on a wide range of consulting engagements.  This broad base of experience coupled with analytical tools and proven problem-solving techniques assures timely completion of your project.  You network engineers may be great at keeping the network purring, but when was the last time they designed the communications rooms, or put together an RFP for cabling requirements, planned the relocation of your PBX and telephones or worked directly with Facilities on a construction project.  That's what we do everyday - let us show you how to get it done.

  • IT and Telecommunications Infrastructure Design and Project Management Knowledge - Paradise Communications technology and relocation consultants have years of hands on knowledge and expertise in design and implementation of PBX systems, upgrades, Communications Infrastructure and technology project management.

  • Objectivity - Paradise Communications has no affiliations or relationships with any vendors of telecommunication products or services.   Paradise Communications consultants are dedicated to improving your organization's bottom line.  They have no "turf" to protect or empire to build. 

  • Ethics - Paradise Communications consultants adhere to the Code of Ethics of the Society of Telecommunications Consultants.

  • Professionalism - Paradise Communications consultants are business people as well as technical professionals.  Their success is measured in terms of your bottom line.

  • Focus - Paradise Communications consultants let you focus on your business, while we focus on your relocation project. Our engagements are project-oriented and focused on your project implementation and management.  Our consultants will not get distracted by unrelated emergencies or firefighting.  

  • Additional Resources - A Paradise Communications consultant is available when you have more projects than resources.  You do not have to staff for peak workloads.


When do You need to call Paradise Communications:

  • Your company is moving to a new facility.

  • You need a Project Manager for a Technology or Telecommunications Project

  • Your company has multiple dissimilar systems and wants to establish a corporate standard.

  • You want to make it easier for your customers to reach you after hours through voice mail.

  • You want to enable callers to direct calls to the appropriate department automatically.

  • You have a department dedicated to handling incoming calls, and you want to improve its operation and/or measure its performance.


Paradise Communications professional and thorough approach resolved an ongoing problem we had with office Relocations and restacks, saving us substantial time while reducing cost.  Their Project Management of the Communications Infrastructure, Telecommunications and IT requirements will be a major asset to any firm planning a new facility or office relocation project."


- Bob Perales, Facilities Director, EBay


Industry leaders continue to find that one of the biggest oversights of an IT project or facility relocation, is assigning the accountability to someone with little or no experience in managing these types of projects.  It is highly unlikely that one person in any company has the diversity of skills to plan, manage and coordinate the multitude of vendors and trades required.  Internal management of these types of projects also takes time and resources away from your organization by not allowing your employees to stay focused on their responsibilities, thereby significantly reducing productivity.

Studies have shown that up to two-thirds of move coordinators that did not seek outside help when relocating their company, eventually quit, took a leave of absence, or were fired or demoted.

Paradise Communications can help your company avoid becoming a part of these statistics.  Most firms do not have facilities or IT staff with the planning and project management expertise needed to prepare for a major business relocation project.  Today's business demands must stay focused on the core business while undertaking the relocation to new facilities is a time consuming endeavor.  Proper planning and focused project management can save significant time, eliminate business interruptions and save significant cost in delays and rework from poorly defined and mismanaged projects.

Paradise Communications professional experiences have been obtained by sitting on the client's side of the desk.  This management experience gives us critical insight as to what it's like to occupy the space after all of the trades have moved on to their next project.  We have designed our methods and documentation using this knowledge, which we feel produce significantly more comprehensive, long-term results.

Is There a Relocation in Your Business’s Future?

Have you ever been faced with the daunting task of moving, remodeling or consolidating your business’s facility?  Or maybe it’s time your business upgrades to the “technology of the future” which, in the time it took to read that, has more than likely passed you by.  Or, do you find yourself asking your real estate broker or property manager for references relating to IT, telecommunications or furniture?

If you’ve dealt with projects like these in the past, you know they can be very costly, both in time and money, especially when not planned and managed efficiently.  In addition, they most certainly mean change…and for many, change is difficult.

On the other hand, these projects can open up a multitude of possibilities for many businesses.  For example, moving or remodeling a business can be disruptive and time-consuming.  However, it may also offer the opportunity to design the new space to allow for better interaction between departments, increasing productivity and communication.  This type of project may also offer the chance to shatter the status quo – and to increase business – or be a prime opportunity to change your name, logo or update your company’s image.  As with most critical projects, how they are perceived - and managed - will have a major impact on their success.

Pre-planning, including having a clear vision of your company’s goals, is the first step in the right direction.  If you’re like most people, the crystal ball you use for predicting the future may be somewhat cloudy.  Therefore, when faced with making decisions that have a direct impact on the future of your business - especially in today’s economy - you’d better bring out the BIG bottle of glass cleaner!  It’s important to understand how today’s technology, together with the facility you occupy, can impact and support your company’s goals.

Planning is the next critical step.  Begin preparing for the actual change at least 6 months in advance, if possible.  A series of meetings can help management think through the project, determine who will be responsible for each part, and explore what the costs and effects could be before, during and after the project is completed.  Having a contingency plan is also highly recommended.

Deciding how to manage your project is crucial.  Do you manage the project internally, and suffer through the inevitable disruption to your business for the project’s duration?  Or do you outsource the project and allow your employees to continue being productive and focused on your business?  Studies have found that two-thirds of internal move coordinators who did not seek outside help when relocating their company, eventually quit, took a leave of absence, or were fired or demoted.                                                                                         

Enlisting the services of a seasoned project manager will help guide you through the maze of decisions required in this multifaceted and critical process.  These professionals bring significant benefits to the table.  When managing the bidding processes, they can often negotiate discounted contracts with potential vendors, offering the highest level of quality services, based on previous or future work.  They can also coordinate all trades involved, and continually track project costs and schedules.  The project manager can become your one point of contact throughout this multifaceted process.

An example of a fast-track project is EBay's customer service center in Salt Lake City.  Paradise Communications managed multiple parts of the project, coordinating with the various trades involved including construction, cable and wire, telecommunications and IT, to ensure all aspects of the project were ready for the EBay’s scheduled move date.  Paradise Communications provided checklists, schedules and schematics to help the IT and Facilities Department coordinate their internal preparations.

The project went very smoothly, with the services provided by Paradise Communications enabling IT and the Customer Service organization, to manage the daily operations of his organization with minimal disruption, and helping to preserve their professional image.

An example of a larger, more complex relocation project was building a new office with a Network Operations center, small data center for the eastern region to support Loudcloud network customers.   After a coupe of years of rapid growth, Loudcloud needed a local presence in the East coast to monitor and manage network clients in the eastern region.  While taking advantage of the opportunity to improve their company image, Loudcloud requires a well-designed, functional location for current and new employees.  The project also includes an upgrade to their computer network and telecommunication infrastructure, UPS and Generator system in the event of a power failure, combined with the move of Loudcloud’s employees and company assets.  All of these obstacles must be overcome with as little disruption to Loudcloud’s day-to-day business as possible.  We provided the design and project management to allow the internal staff to stay focus on their main business.

Loudcloud has taken advantage of outsourcing the management of this complex project to ensure that all areas are managed effectively and their client service is unaffected.  After modifications were complete, Loudcloud moved into their new location during 2000.  The layout of their new facility, in addition to an updated telephone and voicemail system and a new wide area network (WAN) connecting their additional office to Silicon Valley headquarters provided for better communication and increased productivity that could ultimately improve their bottom line.

These two examples have been managed by following the same processes:  pre-planning, planning, implementation and follow up.  Consequently, if a project is not managed efficiently, it could mean increased project costs, loss of sales and productivity, and missed deadlines.  Although every project is different, all have one thing in common, the need for competent coordination and management.  A professional project manager can provide the guidance and expertise to help maneuver you through each of these very important steps.

Now look into your crystal ball and ask – Can you truly afford not to hire a professional services firm to manage your company’s most critical project?

If your business is considering a facility, IT or relocation project, Paradise Communications  project management and consulting services will make the process considerably easier.  Our services also benefit the commercial real estate broker, both when asked by their client for recommendations relating to their move or expansion project, or when a strategic analysis is required to evaluate the feasibility of potential location options.  Property managers benefit when a tenant’s project is managed smoothly and efficiently, helping to preserve that long-term relationship.  For more information, please contact us at or call 925 683-7916.


Contact us today to discuss how we can help you!

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