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Business and Technology Relocation Planning and Project Management

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What makes Paradise Communications Technology and Relocation firm different?


Personal Commitment, Business and technical expertise and knowledge, along with a clear understanding how to effectively utilize technology to help firms achieve their business objectives.  Today's successful business firms have had to cut back on staff, reduce expense and keep everyone focused on business management and the bottom line.  We can provide the unique expertise for technology and Business Relocation technology and telecommunications projects, so you keep your staff focused on your business objectives.


Our consultants thoroughly understand the business challenges you face today, we can analyze your needs, requirements and procedures, then develop and implement solutions for today's fast paced business organizations, from business relocation and expansion planning to technology and telecommunications solutions across the business marketplace. We continually monitor the latest trends and developments in technology, and how firms can most effectively apply these to improve their business. We know what works and what doesnít, who performs and who doesnít. Our experience and specialized knowledge means we can provide better, faster results for you and your firm.



When Planning a Relocation - many executives ask - How can we::

  • Minimize Relocation Cost and Reduce Delays and Rework which Improve the ROI

  • Provide effective Relocation Project Management and keep staff focused on business objectives

  • Minimize frustration levels and Improve relations between IT & Facilities

We've addressed these concerns by developing Senior Technology Relocation Consultants who can manage all aspects of the relocation process, facilities, staff and technology.  By bringing these all together, our team stays focused and can deliver a turnkey business relocation plan which addresses all aspects of the business relocation.  We will work with your staff to supplement all areas they need assistance in handling, and bring in any specialist needed to complete the project on time and within the agreed budget objectives.  By bringing together Facilitates, IT & Telecommunications we can significantly reduce the time and risk associated with your Business and Technology Relocation project.


How do we achieve this? 

By combining the functions of Business Relocations, IT and Telecommunications Infrastructure Design, Technology Relocation Planning, RFP development and Analysis, IT and Facilities Planning an d Management, Construction Project management, Move Planning and Co-ordination, along with a variety of other services related to a business relocation project.  We can reduce your overall cost by providing a single source solution which combines these skill sets, eliminating duplication of efforts and duplicate costs and miscommunications between the groups, with the net results providing not only cost savings to your bottom, but a cost effective and well planned business relocation designed to minimize impact on your business an provide a better designed facility and more efficient technology infrastructure supporting your business.


Because we are an independent consulting firm, focused on delivering you the best business solution, we may be able to provide complete design, project planning and implementation management for less than others charge just for one aspect of the relocation project.  Our expertise, focus and efficiency can save you both time and money.


Paradise Communications provides comprehensive technology management and consulting services to firms across America. Our firm has skilled and experienced technology consultants and technical specialists in a wide variety of business environments, assuring you of successful technology and relocation projects.


How did we become one of the leading Business and Technology Relocation Management Firms?

Personal commitment - Expertise - Communicating with vendors, staff & managmement


  • Personal Commitment - We only use independent consultants who have a personal commitment to the success of your project. They understand that all future business is dependent upon your complete satisfaction.

  • Experience - Paradise Communications has years of experience working on a wide range of consulting engagements.  This broad base of experience coupled with analytical tools and proven problem-solving techniques assures timely completion of your project.  You network engineers may be great at keeping the network purring, but when was the last time they designed the communications rooms, or put together an RFP for cabling requirements, planned the relocation of your PBX and telephones or worked directly with Facilities on a construction project.  That's what we do everyday - let us show you how to get it done.

  • IT and Telecommunications Infrastructure Design and Project Management Knowledge - Paradise Communications technology and relocation consultants have years of hands on knowledge and expertise in design and implementation of PBX systems, upgrades, Communications Infrastructure and technology project management.

  • Objectivity - Paradise Communications has no affiliations or relationships with any vendors of telecommunication products or services.   Paradise Communications consultants are dedicated to improving your organization's bottom line.  They have no "turf" to protect or empire to build. 

  • Ethics - Paradise Communications consultants adhere to the Code of Ethics of the Society of Telecommunications Consultants.

  • Professionalism - Paradise Communications consultants are business people as well as technical professionals.  Their success is measured in terms of your bottom line.

  • Focus - Paradise Communications consultants let you focus on your business, while we focus on your relocation project. Our engagements are project-oriented and focused on your project implementation and management.  Our consultants will not get distracted by unrelated emergencies or firefighting.  

  • Additional Resources - A Paradise Communications consultant is available when you have more projects than resources.  You do not have to staff for peak workloads.




Comprehensive strategic planning

We can assist your firm in due diligence and feasibility studies, provide design implementation management of business relocation, technology planning, office facilities and technology systems, needs analysis, development of short and long-term business and technology strategies, requests for proposals, proposal review and presentation, product and vendor evaluation and selection, and contract negotiation.


Services that start with planning - but donít end there - We deliver what we design

We have the technical expertise to find the right solution, and the project management expertise to implement and manage that solution. Most clients retain us to oversee the entire process and to provide consistency and accountability that other consultants canít match. We donít leave our clients with documents. We plan, manage and deliver solutions with tested and documented results.


Accountability for results - Personal Commitment and Accountability

Because we implement the systems we plan, we know exactly what works and what does not. Using a single Consulting firm for design, office relocation, technology and telecommunications relocations, and other design relocation and Project management services will assure a focused and committed tem accountable for the overall project, not just a piece of the puzzle. 


We believe that when youíre accountable, you make sure your recommendations will provide optimal results for the client.


Comprehensive project management

We can manage the entire process through every stage of implementation - including scheduling, technology integration, installation, coordination, vendor and product management, systems testing, network and call flow customization and training.


Integrated technology expertise

Our consultants work in virtually every area of voice and data networks, from cabling to PBX and network design, office systems, telecommunications, networks, and facility infrastructure design. They are qualified to evaluate and manage the diverse range of technologies found in proposed configurations from architects and vendors, understanding your blueprints, code requirements and clearly defining the specifications and documentation to insure a successful project.


Technical expertise that reduces or eliminates problems

In complex, on-site installation many things can go wrong. Our consultants are specialists in dealing with technology and facility integration, communication design, electrical problems, signal cable considerations, environmental issues, and many other related areas, which require expertise. This specific, technical expertise is extremely valuable to avoiding costly rework and preventing delays in the project.  We find it always cost less to do it right the first time, and provide onsite Project Management to make sure it is.



Business and Technology Relocation Planning & Project Management for IT & Facility Departments


Design Services Project Management Business Relocation Technology Relocation
We provide Design and Project Management of the Physical Plant Infrastructure for Technology and Telecommunications to support all of your Business requirements, combined with the Project Management for the expansion or relocation of Voice and Data services for the new site.  Our design principles are based upon the most reliable state-of-the-art Infrastructure Planning, providing the integrity and redundancy where needed, while preparing your company for the cutting edge of today's ever changing technological advances.  We have the technical expertise to get the job done right the first time.  We have earned a reputation for our ingenuity in resolving problems, our commitment to client needs and honesty and integrity with over 90% of our business coming from referrals. 

Our Project management group can work with your staff on their Business relocation plans, Telecommunications and network cut sheets and databases for offices relocations or expansion to new sites.  We provide technology savvy consultants and engineers with expertise to develop the Design Specifications and provide Project Management plans critical to the successful implementation of the proposed plan.   Our consultants are here to work with your existing Facilities staff, or your outside space planning and relocation firms to fill in the void and provide total solutions.


Planning for a Business Relocation is an overwhelming task even for the experienced person. If youíve ever been there, you recognize that one of the more daunting tasks for the Relocation is the Technology requirements for the new site, the Design, Planning and Project Management is not for the faint of heart. The detailed task list, Project Plans, Equipment and Materials, IT Infrastructure, Cable Plant, Voice and Data Circuits, PBX, Voice Mail and Call Center database, cross connect and patching requirements alone provide for an unending list of details to schedule and co-ordinate for even the most basic moves, all demand an experienced team to handle these effectively. 



Facilities departments today are faced with a number of challenges, reduced staff, constrained budgets and the need to expand, consolidate or relocate the business offices, open a branch office, or just renovate an existing facility.  All of these scenarios have significant impact on the Communications and Technology Infrastructure of the facilities.  We work as an extension of your company staff, focused on your needs and requirements.  Whether you use in house staff to relocate the equipment or one of our vendor contacts to move the physical hardware, we can make sure that the Infrastructure is in place, and mange the relocation of the physical hardware to its new home. 

From a small branch office to planning a Corporate Relocation or a new Data Center,

we are there to help you from start to finish.


Teamwork and Communications

We provide a unique ability to interpret and communicate between the Leasing Agent, Architect, General Contractor, Electrical and HVAC Contractors and the Space Planners, Facility and IT departments providing technical details, documentation and Vendor Management that assist all groups in understanding and achieving their objectives.  We work as part of your staff to create a team focused on your project, developing your IT and Facility budgets, Project Plans, staff and outside vendor commitments, to help you achieve your objectives in todayís fast paced construction schedule.  After providing these services for a number of firmís over the years, we have developed a comprehensive understanding of the Budget and Project Planning procedures crucial to successfully establish and implement an effective Business Relocation Plan. 


We bridge the gap between Facilities and Information Technology, interpreting technology lingo into construction terms and construction terms into what they mean to the IT and network groups to insure that the building design provides optimal office space along with the entire communications and network infrastructure ready for tomorrowís business needs.  We provide a common communications channel by working with each organization to ensure that what they want is clearly communicated throughout the construction phase.  This can save significant time and cost, while providing a much better finished product and can result in improved teamwork and trust between the different departments. It's truly a WIN - WIN Scenario for everyone involved.



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