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Business and Technology Relocation Planning and Project Management

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Cellular phones and wireless services.  Often, the employee buys the phone & submits it as an expense item which may not even pass through the Telecommunicationís department

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Silicon Valley Office Relocation Consultants and Project Managers for Northern California

From Silicon Valley to San Francisco and throughout the East Bay


Our office relocation process, which is time and cost effective, relieves clients from the burden of facility relocation, allowing them to focus on their core business. We change the relocation process by utilizing our business partners and strategic relationship's with vendors across the US to leverage the power these  resources and services required to manage and implement all stages of the process.  Our highly skilled Project Managers use a well defined process to co-ordinate the moving company's resources, each step of the relocation process and the client to assure a smooth transition into a new facility.


From Start to Finish - Where do we begin

There's no universally accepted formula for a successful relocation plan, every project is different, you must decide what to do and when. Each move is unique, but their are a few things which should be done firsts for any move project, lets look at these critical steps.  Moving means changing a lot more than where you'll report for work. An office move is a very complicated undertaking requiring many specialized skills rarely found in-house. Underestimating the time needed, the degree of complexity, and the cost very often lead to disastrous results. A recent International Facility Management Association (IFMA) study proves it, the study shows that 2/3 of everyone assigned to manage an office relocation was fired, quit or had to take an extended leave of absence after the move was completed.


A realistic budget

Available money dictates everything. Some things like the cost of the physical move will obviously become a line item in your budget, but many less apparent expenses lurk in the fog. As you will discover, the great unknowns of a typical commercial relocation consistently cause companies to under budget, sometimes woefully so. Expect conflicts over image and budget. Part of your job will be making someone else's work-place vision become a reality within the amount of money you can spend.



Our consultants thoroughly understand the business challenges you face today, we can analyze your needs, requirements and procedures, then develop and implement solutions for today's fast paced business organizations, from business relocation and expansion planning to technology and telecommunications solutions across the business marketplace. We continually monitor the latest trends and developments in technology, and how firms can most effectively apply these to improve their business. We know what works and what doesnít, who performs and who doesnít. Our experience and specialized knowledge means we can provide better, faster results for you and your firm.


When Planning a Relocation - many executives ask - How can we::

  • Minimize Relocation Cost and Reduce Delays and Rework which Improve the ROI

  • Provide effective Relocation Project Management and keep staff focused on business objectives

  • Minimize frustration levels and Improve relations between IT & Facilities

We've addressed these concerns by developing Senior Technology Relocation Consultants who can manage all aspects of the relocation process, facilities, staff and technology.  By bringing these all together, our team stays focused and can deliver a turnkey business relocation plan which addresses all aspects of the business relocation.  We will work with your staff to supplement all areas they need assistance in handling, and bring in any specialist needed to complete the project on time and within the agreed budget objectives.  By bringing together Facilitates, IT & Telecommunications we can significantly reduce the time and risk associated with your Business and Technology Relocation project.


Paradise Communications provides Independent Telecommunication Consultant for short and / or long term contract design, engineering and Telecommunication consulting support for Data, Voice and Video project implementations throughout the U.S.


Our expertise is typically used to:

  • Design, Engineering and Consulting for Data, Voice and Video

  • Augment existing staff during overload conditions.

  • When our customers require specialized expertise not found within the organization.

  • To provide qualified support that is "project" related only.

  • When qualified internal staff are not able to be deployed.

  • To provide onsite support for remote projects

We apply our experience, knowledge, and training to maximize and protect our customer's investment during the various stages of a technology project.

Is there a difference between firms ?

Paradise Communications believes that the primary difference between our firm and others, is our core beliefs, they are:

  • Our personnel's extensive level of "real life" field experience and industry knowledge insures that the widest array of options are considered and based upon solid practices.

  • Independent Telecommunication Consultant to provide unbiased Telecommunication Solutions.
  • Ongoing staff training and industry certifications is crucial to giving our customers options in technology decisions.
  • We will provide a truly, unbiased and independent view point on selection of; designs, material, installation contractors, electronics and solution providers to use.
  • The best solution is the one that meets the technical, schedule and budget requirements of our customers.
  • A successful project is defined by our customer, not us.
  • We will meet and exceed customer requirements.
  • We adhere to a strict rule of confidentiality for all contract agreements and customer information.
  • We will at all times perform our duties with the customers best short and long term interest in mind.
  • How well we do our job, dictates the usefulness and the total cost of ownership for our customers for years to come. Project completion is just the beginning, not the end for our customer.

Design, Engineering and Consulting for Data, Voice and Video


The following are a few of the Telecommunication Consultant Services we provide for our clients:

  • Planning

    • Rough Order of Magnitude Studies
    • What "If" scenario's
    • Requirements Analysis
    • Cost Studies
    • Technology Master Plans
    • Disaster Recovery Plans and Procedures
  • Design and Engineering
    • Specifying Electronics and Cable
    • LAN, WAN, MAN Connectivity
    • PBX and Voicemail
    • CATV Video Distribution for Training / Information
      • Fiber
      • Coax
    • CCTV Security / Area Control
      • Fiber
      • Coax
    • Field Engineering
      • Inside Plant (CAT 3, 5, 6 and fiber)
        • IDF / MDF Room Configuration
        • Pathway, Routing Determination
      • Outside Plant (Campus / MAN. / WAN.)
        • Aerial Construction
          • Routing Determination
          • Make-ready
        • Underground Construction
          • Duct Banks
          • Trench and Trench less
          • Conduit Survey's
    • Engineering Drawings
      • AutoCAD
      • Visio
    • Detailed RFP / RFQ / RFI / SOW Documents
    • Document Review and Recommendations
    • Permit Applications
  • Construction Oversight
    • Owner Representation
    • Project Management
    • Contractor Qualifying
    • Phasing
    • Field Coordination
  • Testing
    • Independent Testing
    • Quality Control
    • Documentation
    • On Site Verification
  • Commissioning
    • Cable
    • Electronics
    • Systems
    • Networks
  • Construction Handoff
    • Punch List Items
    • Verification of Compliance
  • Maintenance and Operations
    • Plans
    • Procedures
    • Reviews
    • As-Built Survey's
    • Telecommunication Disaster Recovery Plans and Procedures



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