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Business Relocation Consulting Firm Services

Here are some of the critical items our Technology Consultants can help you with.  These are typical services we provide on your Relocation Project.  Just a snapshot of why companies rely on us to get the job done right the first time.  If your looking for the best team - look no further - were the ones the experts count on.  Call us when you need a Project Fire Fighter who can get things under control, or when want to get things rolling smoothly from the start of the Project.


I. Scope of Project

The project includes but is not limited to the design of open/closed office space, classrooms, lab space, public spaces, presentation/exhibition space, conference rooms, server room,  and break-out spaces.


II. Schedule

This needs to be verified with master schedule

Schematic Design:

  • Start Date:  Jan 1, 2003

  • Complete Date:  June 30, 2003


Design Development:

  • Start Date:  Jan 1, 2003
  • Complete Date:  June 30, 2003


Construction Documents:

  • Start Date:  Jan 1, 2003

  • Complete Date:  June 30, 2003


III. Technology and Base Building Infrastructure Issues

The ultimate design should take into consideration the followings items:

  • Flexibility to adapt to changing tenant needs and usage patterns.

  • Capacity to serve tenants needs, particularly the change of user office automation requirements.

  • Zoning capabilities.

  • Efficiency for after-hours usage.

  • Tenant energy management controls and interfaces to base building systems.

  • Base building capacity (load and circuits) provided in distribution system.

  • Power quality and reliability issues.

  • Lighting for a VDT sensitive environment.

  • Effective lighting control.

  • Specialized program needs such as UPS and stand-by power if required.

  • Technology/voice/data systems as to how they enhance the day to day operation of the tenantís space.


IV. Areas of Services


  • The design will be based on the interior design drawings prepared by The Design Team and approved by senior staff.
  • Working with your staff, our Consultant will on their own or in conjunction with a vendor develop engineering designs for technology systems that will be issued to a single contractor, responsible for the implementation of work.
  • Consultant will indicate provision for empty conduit and appropriate power connections for specialized tenant equipment that may in some cases be designed and located by others.  This includes equipment related to telephone, data network, paging, security, and audio/visual systems.


Based on the information gathered during interviews and meetings specifically relating to infrastructure and cabling, together with information gathered from user interviews and consultant team analysis of voice/data requirements, prepare and issue a "Design Guidelines for the Technology Infrastructure", report which will include:


Deliverables:  4 weeks prior to end of TI Schematics

  • A summary of communications infrastructure requirements, including review of all communications planning, potential pathways, and location and size of main and intermediate distribution frames.

  • Recommendations for pathways between floors, allowing cabling between the spaces to maintain network connectivity.

  • Recommendations for the base building and tenant improvements will cover the sizing, location and fit-out of computer rooms, telecommunications closets, and the required interconnecting pathways.  Structural loading information will also need to be provided at this stage.


Deliverables: By the end of TI Schematics

  • Schematic Drawings, as necessary to illustrate cabling pathways and other base building design issues described above.
  • Preliminary technology budget estimates.
  • Recommendations for a signal grounding system.
  • Criteria for a telecommunications infrastructure administration and documentation system.
  • Identification of outstanding design issues including proposed resolutions and potential scheduling impacts.
  • Meet with your staff and The Design Team designated representatives to review report and revise as needed.
  • Present the Design Guidelines for the Technology/ Communication Infrastructure to the Design Team


Deliverables: TI Design Development

50% Submission/100%Submission

Meet with appropriate your staff representatives and the Design Team to develop a facility plan and other infrastructure documentation, primarily in the form of drawings, required to support among other items technology/voice data/LAN systems.  The information will include:

  • Floor plan drawings showing but not limited to: communications facility equipment rooms, computer centers, and communications closets.)  these drawings will provide The Design Team with input for architectural design , including:  required clearances, conduit sleeve, plywood backboard, and other special telecommunications systems requirements.

  • Communication Room reflected ceiling and base electrical drawings showing required lighting layout, cable ladder, empty conduit, raceways, power outlets, grounding bus-bars, etc. for voice data/LAN systems equipment.  These drawings will be used by the electrical engineer for transfer to the electrical construction documents.


Deliverables: TI Construction Drawings:

50% Submission/100%Submission

Final development of all drawings listed above and Infrastructure design drawings for the telecommunications distribution system.

These typically include:

  • Building Communications Isometric

  • Building Riser Diagram

  • Telecommunications Riser Closet Floor Plan, Electrical & Reflected Ceiling Plan

  • Typical Horizontal Distribution Plan


2.1 Other input information drawings such as:

  • Telecommunications Closet Details

  • Computer Room Details

  • Telecommunications Systems Risers/Backbone Diagrams

  • Telecommunications details, including main distribution frame (MDF) and intermediate distribution frame (IDF), termination block assignments and mounting, outlet configurations, and station cable distribution hardware.

  • Telecommunications outlet plan based on the architectural power and communications plans.

  • Provide review and comment on the electrical contract drawings after inclusion of technology input to ensure complete and accurate transfer of information.  Define contract drawings to fully incorporate technology/ data/telecommunications infrastructure designs.  Requirements for telecommunications systems pathways (conduits, sleeves, cable tray, etc.) will be coordinated with team engineers for inclusion in the electrical construction package.

  • Transmit all technical design drawing documentation (AutoCAD files) to The Design Team.


2.2 Cabling Systems Design

Prepare a cable specification that will be let for competitive bid.  This specification will provide comprehensive information relative to cable distribution, typical workstation terminations, closet requirements, sizing and capacity, functionality, etc.

  • Technical installation methodology will be specified, as will requirements for training and the preparation of any special or non-standard systems documentation.

  • Prepare telecommunications cabling distribution plans identifying all outlet locations.

  • Prepare all necessary details, plans and elevations.

  • Prepare telecommunications cable terminations schedules.

  • Meet with Design Team representatives to review the RFP and discuss possible cable vendors.

  • Review and analyze bid submissions and assist Construction Manager in identifying the successful cable vendor.


2.3 Cabling Systems Implementation

Consultant shall perform the following construction administration services to include:

  • Attend construction and coordination meetings to address telecommunications issues.

  • Monitor cable installation for all riser and lateral cables.

  • Develop change order procedures.

  • Monitor subcontractor and facility work and assist in reviewing and negotiating, as required, any change orders or vendor claims for extras related to the telecommunications cabling work.

  • Monitor acceptance testing and review contractors test and acceptance reports, field change orders and other submittals.

  • Prepare and issue Punch List.

  • The standard tender documents prepared by Vendor will require the contractors to furnish as-built documentation (including drawings, schedules and specifications) of the work installed under contract.

  • Provide Final Acceptance Letters, based on review and approval of as-built documents.  The Acceptance Letter will state warranties and performance assurances by various vendors stating responsibilities of each party.


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